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Friday, November 25, 2005

TVB Anniversary Show, The Must See Wrap Up!:

This year TVB decided to completely change how the Anniversary Show used to be. Less performances, which made it so slow & so boring. It is mostly awards now, because apparently thats what everyone was tuning in for the last few years. So they scrap the Top Ten Favorite Character Awards, The Best Chemistry, and change the Extraordinary Award (which were mainly given to veteran stars who play supporting roles) into to the best supporting. So it was basicly suppose to be an HK Emmy Award show. Without the performances you feel a bored because all you hear is speeches, after speeches, and of course exceptance speeches. Let make some comparison from the last from two years:

2003 ===> 2004 ===> 2005

The mood and overall atmosphere was alot less festive, and more like "I'm only here because the company makes it mandatory to come." The overall celeb crowd was alot smaller as you can see. Tons of star were missing that were present in the last two years. Some noticable ones are Gallen Lo, Maggie Cheung, Chilam Cheung, Sheren Tang, Nick Cheung, Maggie Siu, Ada Choi, Wong Hei, Lawrence Ng, Steven Ma, Dayo Wong and the list goes on.

The Materialistic Items: We will come to learn that its the little things that are important. Did you guys notice how they didn't officially begin the show with the lighting of the giant globe anymore, but a cheesy scrolling crystal ball we all can buy at like a toy store. And of course the most noticable thing:

And the TVB Anniversary Award for Ugliest Trophy Goes To... 2005's! This year TVB had the ugliest trophy in the world. It makes me wonder if Bernice, Kenix, and Moses really wanted it. If you look closely the thing looks like a combine rip off of both the Emmy's and the Oscar's.

Except the Emmy's and the Oscar look so beautiful in solid 24K gold, while TVB's looks gold plated like a first grader made it. Compare it with the last two year's, which looked alot better:

The Tradition Lives On: Every year the stars have a traddition to see who can slaughter the most innocent animals as they can by wearing the most fur. The statistic is that 50% of the actresses wear fur to this. And they're all real fur, because they're designer made. I give you exibit A, three of the six actresses are wearing fur:

~My Overall Rating of The Show on a scale of 1-5 stars is: ~
*** ** 3 Stars

Comments on "TVB Anniversary Show, The Must See Wrap Up!:"


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