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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Drum Roll Please...Yeahhh! Boooo!


*Just a brief recap, and commentary. I understand not every watched it yet, or are not in a location where its a available to them. So I'll give those fans some time. If you know where to download it, please help those friends out on the shoutbox if you can. If I find it first I'll try to post it.

Best Actor: Roger Kwok(Life Made Simple): I love Roger but this is a slap in the face to other actors like Moses and Michael who did do a great job with their characters and put a spin on it. Roger's character didnt change at all from Square Pegs so why give him two award basicly for the same acting job.

Best Actress: Liza Wang(WOIL): As expected, no big suprise. Better luck next year Kenix, you're still young. Liza however might have thrown a temper tantrum, if she didn't win because she doesn't have anymore years to spare.

Best Supporting Actor: Ha Yu(My Family): This was unexpected, as you know Wayne Lai was my pick but poor Wayne was cheated out. The series to me wasn't all that great, the role was very appealing, and his acting wasn't really that deserving.

Best Supporting Actress: Angela Tong(Life Made Simple): Awsome! She was my #1 pick for this award. Very happy for her. Finally found her place under the sun.

Most Improve Actor: Bosco Wong(WOIL): No disputing this award winner. The very deserving Bosco won as expected. Give me B-O-S-C-O, what does that spell? Bosco! GO BOSCO!

Most Improve Actress: Nikki Chow(Gentle Crackdown): This was big suprise because Nikki isnt a contracted TVB artist, but I guess if you deserve you deserve it. I Thought Bernice or leila was going to win for sure.

Best Series: War of the In Laws: Not suprise at all! Considering both Liza & Bosco won and it had I think the highest average rating this year.

(Keep up with the lastest information at our partner news sites. I'm going leave some time for every to see it, and I'll do a wrap on thing s like fashion, and potential conflicts that might arise.)

Are You Satisfied with the winners? Voice your opinion on shoutbox...

Comments on "Drum Roll Please...Yeahhh! Boooo!"


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