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Thursday, May 31, 2007

>>> Hottie With A Body: Stephen Huynh <<

What is it about Stephen Huynh that I find him so hot lately. He's like one of my new favorites now. I find him very 'attractive'. I guess its the combination of his Suave attitude, French accent, & Ruggedness. His tattoo also makes him very appealing.

One thing is for sure, he's got one fine body on him. Not too muscular, but just right. I love that he has that deep cut muscle on each side of the waist just like Usher. He's the new face of Mence Beauty Center for men. You should see the picture of him TVB used to promote this year's Mr. Hong Kong. His arms are... WOW. His hands are big too, you know what they about men with big hands...... Big gloves lol. I'm glad TVB is promoting him, I would love to see more of him.
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More Pics (Click To Enlarge):

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

2007-The Year When Asian Women Dominated The Miss Universe Arena

The Miss Universe Pageant 2007 was held last night in Mexico City and was broadcasted in the U.S. This year Asian women completely dominated the pageant. Last year wasn't a bad year either, Miss Japan won 1st Runners Up & Miss Phillipines won Miss Photogenic. This year Miss japan was up against Miss Brazil for the title, Miss Brazil look a bit masculine and draggish so Miss Japan won. Miss Korea also won the Face of the Universe award & Miss Universe by International pageantry site-Global Beauties. If you want to watch the whole show, someone on YouTube will probably upload it soon, but the major of the show can be found on YouTube now.

This domination year consisted of:

Miss Universe 2007 - JAPAN (Left Pic)
3rd Runners Up - KOREA (Right Pic)
Miss Photogenic - PHILIPPINES (3rd Consecutive Year-2005,2006,2007)
Miss Congeniality - CHINA

Crowning Moment (Winners & Finalists):

The HIGHLIGHT of the Show came when Miss USA Rachel Smith fell flat on her butt during the evening gown competition, but still made into the Top 5. This did not sit well with the audience, THEY BOOED her during her question and answer segment. I didn't like Miss USA from the start, she was so cocky, she came on Oprah and declared herself the winner of the Miss Universe pageant. And this time she gave the exact same answer as she did from the Miss USA competition talking about Oprah & her school in South Africa.This is like a big story now, and alot of talk shows are talking about it.

Watch Her Slip & Her Fall! MUST SEE!!!!

Watch Her Get BOOED By the Audience! MUST SEE!!!

For More Coverage Visit

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Monday, May 28, 2007

>> TVB Fa Dan & Their Successors PART III <<

Hi Everyone! I finally had time to complete this post with the final 5 fa dan I had plan to feature. I would like to say, I did not based everything on them looking alike, because its not a look alike contest or a beauty contest. I took alot of other aspects into consideration. Feel free to disagree, its only my opinion, you are free to express yourself.

Selena Li-Successor For... Esther Kwan: Esther's acting is warm and personable, and offscreen you can tell she is very sweet with a gentle yet good sense of humor. I find that Selena Li bares these traits that distinguish her as Esther's successor. Out of all the new generation actresses I see the most potential in Selena. That is why I pick Selena as Esther's successor.

Linda Chung-Successor For Kenix Kwok: I have a feeling people will disagree with me on this because recently there have so many negative comments about Linda just because she's overpromoted. I didn't base this one on promotion. I pick as Linda as Kenix's succesor because I have taken notice of Linda's acting. Most young actresses her age are still not very comfortable onscreen, but I see that Linda has gain so much more confidence with her acting. She is charismatic like a young Kenix Kwok who acts with confidence in herself & her acting. That's why I pick Linda as Kenix's successor.

Bernice Liu-Succesor For... Flora Chan: The newspaper article, Selena was pick as Flora's successor, but I disagree because Selena's personality is very eastern. Flora was originally a reporter for TVB Pearl, the english channel in Hong Kong, afterwards she made her transition to acting in TVB series. She face some problems with the language barier just like Bernice did. Out of the original Fa Dan Flora was the most 'western' because of her personality is very westernize because she was raised in the US. Bernice out of all the new generation actresses has the most 'westernize' personality and she expresses her exactly as that is. That's why I pick Bernice as Flora's successor.

Niki Chow-Successor For... Gigi Lai: Going through the comments, I could tell people were anticipating the one, because its true, Gigi is very hard to find successor for. I know Gigi has this reputation for being the "beautiful goddess" and I had to pick someone that did her justice. Don't worry I didn't pick Fala, it seems like people weren't happy about that name for Gigi. Instead, I pick Niki Chow, a exremely beautiful girl in her own rights. She's Kathy Chow
sister who is one of Hong Kong's Top Supermodels. Niki is also known for being very sweet, elogant, and eloquent. I also think she a presence of a true leading lady similar to Gigi's. I find her a very worthy successor for Gigi.

Leila Tong-Successor For... Charmaine Sheh: Charmaine is known for being the "Sweet Talker" which basicly means she's friendly and congenial with her words. A true sweet talker like Charmaine can sell Ice to an Eskimo or even Fire to the Devil. When I hear the word "Sweet Talker" I think of Leila Tong who is just a very congenial girl with a sweet personality. Her popularity is constantly climbing so I'm confident that Leila will be Charmaine's successor.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

: : : TVB Fa Dan & Their Successors : : : PART II

*Sorry for the delay. Some stuff came up.

Natalie Tong-Successor for... Jessica Hsuan: Jessica Hsuan got her start on K-100 and she became one of the most successful actress to have came from the program. Natalie Tong is the last heir to "K-100 Host/Actress" title since the program ended a couple years back. I believe Natalie is the successor to Jessica's Fa Dan title because they came from the beginning and Natalie has shown great potential in her acting. With time and dedication Natalie will be able become the official successor to Jessica's Fa Dan title. I know Natalie isn't quite as pretty as Jessica but its not a beauty contest. Like all others have said Michelle Ye would have been her successor but she has left TVB and made quite a name for herself.

Myolie Wu-Successor For Marianne Chan Miu Ying: Marianne Chan is the only Fa Dan out of the original seven who has officially retired from acting and headed into the business world. Marianne was one of my favorite actress during her era in which she was still acting. Her acting skills are amazing. Myolie is a Fa Dan now in her own rights, she competed against Fa Dans like Charmaine Sheh, Gigi Lai, and Ada Choi last year for the Best Actress title so it wouldn't be appropriate to say she is a successor for any Fa Dans who are still acting. However, Myolie is perfect to takeover the title for Marianne since she is reminiscent of Marianne in the way acts onscreen, very natural & eloquent. Besides that she also resembles her at angles.

Sharon Chan-Successor For... Ada Choi: In the news article Vivien Yeo was was chosen as Ada's successor. Although I like Vivien, I don't think I've seen enough of her to say she is succesor for Ada. I think they just based it on the fact that Vivien is tall. If tall is what they're looking for, Sharon is the woman for you. With a tall and slender body just like Ada is famous for Sharon has one aspect down. Recently, I've noticed that Sharon's acting has vastly improved and she is showing great potential. With her acting skills in place, Sharon in my opinion is ready for development into the next Ada Choi and become her rightful sucessor.

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Friday, May 18, 2007

: : : TVB Fa Dan & Their Successors : : :

While I was catching up with the news I found a very interesting read, an article Em translated about TVB fighting ATV with their plans of developing a group of new young Fa Dans. Some of the name that was brought up I was like "What?" Suki Chui? She didn't even have 1 single series that aired yet, but they're calling her the Successor for Charmaine Sheh?

I decide to do my version where I will name the successor for the original fa dans & the two most talked about fa dans now at TVB, Charmaine Sheh & Gigi Lai.

I'll completely the post slowly because you can imagine its going be long. I plan to feature actresses like Leila Tong, Myolie Wu, Selena Li, ... as successors for the original 7 fa dans (Maggie Cheung, Jessica Hsuan, Kenix Kwok, Esther Kwan, Marianne Chan, Flora Chan, Ada Choi) and Charmaine & Gigi. Here' s a small first part to start it off. I'll be happy to hear your suggestions.

Tavia Yeung-Successor For... Maggie Cheung Ho Yee: Whether you like Maggie or not you must admit her acting is top notch. She gets into character and gives natural performance with great charisma onscreen. I find one actress to have that flare which resembles the acting of a young Maggie Cheung. She is Tavia Yeung. Tavia's acting is really good & she keeps on improving yet TVB doesn't give as much chances as other actresses. For quite some time people were saying that Maggie & Tavia look extremely alike (Tavia was handpicked to play Maggie's sister in The Awakening Story) which was also part of the reason I chose her because I believe Tavia shouldn't be known as a Maggie Cheung look alike but as Maggie's deserving successor to her Fa Dan title.

More Coming Soon...

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sorry For The Hiatus

Hi Everyone. Yes, I'm still alive. I feel extremely bad for leaving the blog updated for some long, but there's been so much going on my life. After my taking my AP exams & immediately had to take off on a college visit. I just returned yesterday, and I'm just disoriented. Please allow me sometime to get my act together. I'll do my best to slowly update the blog tomorrow. I'm very sorry! Hope everyone understands.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

>> Currently In The News <<

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I just finish catching up with things happening around the TVB world. In the news I found some of the stuff an interesting read. Alot has happen in the last week. Of those, I found these buzzworthy.

TVB Ratings Slump: What is up with the ratings. Heart of Greed in the past 3 weeks ratings has recieved an average rating of 29. The cast has about three times the star power of an average TVB series, but why the low ratings? I've seen the first two episodes 2 weeks ago, it seems very comedic & somewhat light hearted, maybe it will get dramatic later. Some say its boring & they gave up on it, and some say its pretty interesting. I'm telling you, that 9:35 time slot is a killer. A Change of Destiny is also recieing 29, havent seen any of it so cant much.

Maggie Cheung Ho Yee's Return: She's finally recovered from her thyroid illness. her acting is terrific so I'm looking forward to her return. She still has a contract with TVB so a TVB series might be her first project. Afterall, she bail out on TVB in Au Revoir Shanghai. Rumours are circulating in forums & shoutboxes that she will be in a TVB series with Kevin Cheng in late June and its the earliest possible time for return. Well, I have to say this very well could be true because Kevin is scheduled to return to TVB to start filimg a new series in June after taking May off.

Melissa Ng's Pregnancy: Rumours flew when she turned down the role in Slicing of the Demon because she was mad at TVB for not giving her a nomination for Best Actress & not valuing her. Turns out she's just pregnant that's all. She's apparently married for years now, I applaude her for keep this secret for so long. I dont know how she did it. Congratz to Melissa.

Miss Hong Kong kicks off: Pageant season is kicking off once again. And this year its the 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China so I think it will be very grand this year. I'm very into pageantry so I'm definitely looking forward to it. I saw some of the early pics of the contestants. I think this girl is very striking:
She looks like a combination of Michelle Reis & Kenix Kwok.


Friday, May 04, 2007

Personal Blog: If Only Life Was Like A TVB Love Story

Sometimes life can be hard on you, and it can be easy on you. And just when you think you have it all figured out it shows you that you have no idea.

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If only life was easy, and simple as a TVB love story.

If so, then...
You would start your day with a lovely themesong,
Run into the love of your life on your way to work,
Have great time at work with some of your best friends,
On your way home it rains but your handsome love suddenly comes to your aid with an umbrella,
Come home to a warm family living in Harmony.
Of course run into small problems that resolves itself within 3 episodes,
The only problem in your love life is two amazing guys are fighting over you,
Have something amazing happens that change the course of your for the better,
You in the end choosing the right guy and get engaged,
Have a happy ending with the man of your dream.

Sadly, not all TVB love stories are like this so the chance that your life will be like this are slim. As a matter of fact TVB made a series that refelcted my current sentiments called Slim Chances. I think if time permits I would like to rewatch it because I think I would really appreciate it now.

Since there is no website where you can get your "Life" episode summary I guess I'm offf on my own.

Haven't been online for the last couple of days because of the usual so I'm catching up on things. I'm very sorry that I couldn't update, hope you understand.

By The Way, for people living in the U.S. who are taking High School A.P. classes, AP Exams are next week & the week after that. I'm studying myself and I want to wish all of you the best of luck! Also good luck with your final exams everyone!

-With Love, Asia.

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