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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

: : : TVB Fa Dan & Their Successors : : : PART II

*Sorry for the delay. Some stuff came up.

Natalie Tong-Successor for... Jessica Hsuan: Jessica Hsuan got her start on K-100 and she became one of the most successful actress to have came from the program. Natalie Tong is the last heir to "K-100 Host/Actress" title since the program ended a couple years back. I believe Natalie is the successor to Jessica's Fa Dan title because they came from the beginning and Natalie has shown great potential in her acting. With time and dedication Natalie will be able become the official successor to Jessica's Fa Dan title. I know Natalie isn't quite as pretty as Jessica but its not a beauty contest. Like all others have said Michelle Ye would have been her successor but she has left TVB and made quite a name for herself.

Myolie Wu-Successor For Marianne Chan Miu Ying: Marianne Chan is the only Fa Dan out of the original seven who has officially retired from acting and headed into the business world. Marianne was one of my favorite actress during her era in which she was still acting. Her acting skills are amazing. Myolie is a Fa Dan now in her own rights, she competed against Fa Dans like Charmaine Sheh, Gigi Lai, and Ada Choi last year for the Best Actress title so it wouldn't be appropriate to say she is a successor for any Fa Dans who are still acting. However, Myolie is perfect to takeover the title for Marianne since she is reminiscent of Marianne in the way acts onscreen, very natural & eloquent. Besides that she also resembles her at angles.

Sharon Chan-Successor For... Ada Choi: In the news article Vivien Yeo was was chosen as Ada's successor. Although I like Vivien, I don't think I've seen enough of her to say she is succesor for Ada. I think they just based it on the fact that Vivien is tall. If tall is what they're looking for, Sharon is the woman for you. With a tall and slender body just like Ada is famous for Sharon has one aspect down. Recently, I've noticed that Sharon's acting has vastly improved and she is showing great potential. With her acting skills in place, Sharon in my opinion is ready for development into the next Ada Choi and become her rightful sucessor.

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