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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Popular Demands... Its seems like alot people really like watching TVB Anniversary clips. After last week's 35th Anniversary clip getting alot comments, I went insearch for for. I finally now can continue the streak with a 36th Anniversary clip. This is a very good clip that summarized the entire show up so if you missed out its like you just basicly watched it.

The clip scrolls around the entire show. This was the year Roger & Maggie won Best Actor/Actress. Paul Chun won best Extraordinary Actor, and Sheren Tang won Best Extraordinary Actress which she again the next year. Raymond Lam & Tavia Yeung won Most Improved Actor/Actress. You also get to see who won the favorite characters for that year. This was Flora's last year with TVB. It was cool to Francis Ng attend the show, I thought he wouldnt attend because he's "too big" for it. Bernice also won a Car from the annual drawing. Check it out!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

:: Jumping Back On The Sitcom Wagon ::

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

>> Currently On The Playlist: First off we've finally made it through the week (pat on the back), my lazy nature started kicking in yesterday. Now lets get started. I've been about half a year "sober" on HK sitcoms since VOH & Women On The Run ended. I recently just started catching up with Welcome To The House. Alot people praised this series so I decided to see for myself what the hype is about. I wasnt eager at all in the beginning because 240 episodes drove my lazy behind away, I dreaded downloading them even though not all 240 of them have been filmed & released. each episode is only 20 mins long, & so far from what I've watch focuses on one plot & later moves on with each episode.

>> Worth The Watch? I say its worth the watch. The sitcom is overall enjoyable. I read it was designed to be a sitcom that entertain & relieve HK viewers after a hard day of work. I think it did what set out to do. The overall family atmosphere from VOH is somewhat brought back. The family has really good chemistry. I read Raymond Cho & Jonhson Lee dont really along so sometime you raise your eyebrows & sorta ask yourself "are they for real?". The title Welcome To The House is 100% perfect for this series because more than half of the screentime in each episode takes place inside their house.

>> Likes & Dislikes: I really like Shermon Tang (MHK 2005 Miss Photogenic). She kinda won me over, I now understand why her fan base is growing so fast. I was so surprised that this is her first acting job. I also have been reading her blog, she also sems very down to earth. Cracks me up every time she bites Raymond Cho's arm. I absolutely love Christine Ng, but I prefer her character in Women On The Run more than this one. In WOTR she had alot of screentime, and she was alot funnier with alot of spunk & personality. Her character is kinda dull in Welcome To The House, I dont necessarily dislike more like in the middle.

*Viet Release: I know that this hasnt been release in the U.S. for Vietnamese viewers yet, but based on the order of release it should be release fairly soon. Dont quote me on it though, I dont exactly have an inside scoop on TVBI.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

>> Its Always Nice To Know - Spotlight: Raymond, Ron, & Kevin PART II<<

>> Old Time Buddies! A continuation of the "Its Always Nice To Know". I also found this, I thought was interesting to find out how long they've been friends. I knew Ron & Raymond have been friends for a while now, a little before twins of brother I believe. Turns out Kevin & Raymond also have been good friends for a long while also.

Its a Man Thing... The magazine scan first shows Raymond & Kevin ehh... Trying to grab each other crotch... I dont know much about this, but men apparently joke around with each other alot. And its perfectly normal because they're just fooling around. Its a man thing I guess because girls dont do that, cant imagine Charmaine grabbing Sonjia's boobs to joke around, men are weird... Kevin looks like he got Raymond good, but when Raymond was getting pay back Kevin shielded himself with his hands. ehh, they look like they're having fun & a really good laugh. This was all the way back in 2004 at the TVB Anniversary, I think they've been close friends for a while back then too for them to joke around like this. Wow, so surprised Raymond & Kevin have been friends for years now. I thought they first met filming Yummy Yummy, guess I was wrong.

How sweet. Good friends Ron & Ray. Thats Ron & Ray in the little picture in the corner. Raymond is helping Ron getting ready to accept his Most Improved Award. Brotherly love, very rare in the entertainment industry. I feel sorry for Joe Ma, him being in these picture makes him look like he has no friends.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

>> Its Always Nice To Know - Spotlight: Raymond, Ron, & Kevin<<

This Is Interesting... First off, I found this Magazine Scan at I was just rummaging around the site, turns out there are alot cool stuff there. I thought this was interesting, usually when you hear artistes working together you might see they're friendly, but some wont necessarily be friends & hang out together. Its good to see that they're actually goods friends going to shopping centers together. Cant believe the press actually followed them. Look at the picture on your left, Ron is so funny... He's the first one to see that a photographer is following them, and waves basicly kinda saying "whats up? We know you're following us."

Hmm... Nice To Know: The press actually broke down how much each of guys were wearing on regular scroll around a shopping center. Ron really seem to like Y-3. Ray Ban sunglasses and Dolce & Gabbana shirts also seem to popular among three. So who is wearing highest value clothings?

1st Place: Ron-Grand Total: $7,500! (I'm still wondering how much his pants, watch, & necklace cost. It'll probably bunk the grand total into the five figure zone)

2nd Place: Raymond-Grand Total: $4,500. (Also wondering how much Ray's shoes, watch, & necklace cost)

3rd Place: Kevin-Grand Total: $3, 300. (Again I'm wondering how much Kevin's watch, necklace, & pants cost.)

Overall they're all dressed pretty casual, but still sauved. Its strange that Raymond & Kevin are both staring really hard in the same exact direction. Must be a really pretty girl standing there. At least Ron isnt staring lol, good for him.


Tuesday, July 25, 2006


>>Another Boderline Porno... Maybe not that explicit, but its pretty darn close considering its only a TV Movie. I'm talking about this TVB TV Movie called "A Quick Step of Passion". I picked it up from the video store because I saw Sheren, it looked like a decent TVB production movie, but trust me it isnt. My dad came over for dinner, & watch it with my parents in the living room. BIG mistake!! Why?

The storyline tells that Sheren is cheating on her husband (Adam) with her dance instructor ( Michael Tong). OMG, Sheren & Michael have sex so much in this movie. While I watching with my parents, I wanted to turn it off, but I didnt wanted to be the one they said something. Just when I thought it couldnt get anymore awkward, here comes a sex scene with Michael shirtless taking off Sheren's top, and he's right on top of her. When Sheren started moaning & Michael started thrusting, I was waiting for a bolt of lightning to hit me! It didnt hit me so I was looking around for cameras because I swear I thought I was on hidden camera show & they planted this prank on me. Luckily my friend called my cell, and I was out of there. Thank god.

I cant believe this was air on HK TV. I expected this from category 3 movies in theaters but not from a TVB televised movie. Luckily their was no actual nudity. This movie's storyline was flat & boring. Almost half the movie was Michael & Sheren in intimate scenes, so even call it a movie. Trust me when I say avoid this. This was like from two years ago, glad Sheren doesnt do these kinds of TV movies anymore.
Picture Credit: TVB Square

Monday, July 24, 2006

>> "Step Into The Past" / Asia's Two Pennies: Yoyo Mung <<

>>Step Into The Past-Yoyo Mung: Yoyo Mung of the past seems like a very average looking actress lacking a little the so called star quality appeal. She somewhat resemble Joey Meng at an angle. But amazingly as she aged she grew into this pretty & striking actress that the camera loves. In series, Yoyo must play down her makeup, and wear clothes thats not necessarily what she would where in real life so everyone doesnt notice how beautiful she is. For example, if you guys saw the Mr. HK Contest 2006, she was dress to impress. She looked stunning that night, elegant & extremely classy. She has a look made for high fashion.

>>My Two Pennies On Yoyo: Yoyo Mung really poped out of nowhere with big roles in TVB series if you only mainly watch TVB series. Thats because she has done alot of movies before, she was also a model in the 90's. She's not exactly a fan favorite, underated, kinda like Melissa Ng. Her series Forensic Heroes got great ratings so I think TVB is weighing her a little heavier now. Speaking of weight, I know alot of you guys find her to be too skinny, but I think she's starting to gain weight. I find her to be very beautiful now, she has a stature of a supermodel & a face of photogenic pageant queen. She's definiely making her way into my good list.

>>>> Yoyo Mung of the Past <<<<
*Submitted By Jenny N., Thanks Jenny!*

>>>> Present Day Yoyo Mung <<<<

Sunday, July 23, 2006

>>Special Thanks: Chill out on Sunday, take it easy with some videos of the week. This week's Videos of the Week were sent to me by Lavendar_Bluez. Thanks so much!

>>TVB's 2004 New Years Greeting, Funny Stuff: This the music video featuring various stars like Kenix, Bobby, Kong Wah, Jessica, Steven, Raymond, Tavia & many more singing for 2004 New Years. At first its just a video with artistes singing, but when there's singing there's bound to be a bad singer. The video had alot of comments, and most were saying something about Kong Wah. I was wondering what's wrong with Kong Wah? Turns out his singing was AWFUL, I was laughing so hard, everybody that commented were so right. When he hit that high note, I was like Mariah Carey on crack. Watch the video, trust me, you'll know when its his turn to sing. Raymond's voice sounds really nice.

>>TVB 35th Anniversary Opening: Another good anniversary clip of the opening back in the golden years when stars like Gallen Lo, & Flora Chan were still with TVB. It features so many Fa Dans, & Siu Sungs singing, I'm not gonna even attempt to name all of them because there just way too many.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

: : Current TVB Themevideo Download : :

.: As Requested: I was requested to post the WAD themevideo on shoutbox, I said I'll post it as soon as I find it. I just found all three WAD, Love Guaranteed, & The Saviour of the Soul themevideo at the New TVB Series Cinple Forum uploaded by TKC, so credit goes to TKC for providing us the Themevideos . TKC said dont ask for reupload, I dont really know if Sendspace has a download limit so I didnt want to ruin it for everyone in the that cinple thread if the links expired. I uploaded them to my Filefront account instead. If you prefer, tvbsquare's TVFansquare also has another version of the WAD themevideo on savefile at the TVFansquare Forum.

>>>> Filefront Download Links <<<<
*Filefront took down LG & The Saviour of the Soul Themevideo because they said it has some copyrights, you can still DL WAD though. For the other two try TVB Square Forum or New Series Cinple Forum.*

*Download War & Destiny's Themevideo: CLICK HERE, This is a Grand Production, it looks so Dramatic, you can just tell by the Themevideo its big budget. The themevideo is sang by Myolie Wu.

*Download Love Guaranteed's Themevideo: CLICK HERE, I'm definitely gonna watch this series, I love romantic comedies. This one has mix Love Bond, Just Love, & La Femme Desperado vibe to it.

*Download The Saviour of the Soul Themevideo: CLICK HERE, Yet another version of the Return of the Condor Hero. I've seen the first couple episodes, the special effects are really advance, finnally an actual computer generated Condor. Li Yi Fei looks too young to play Siu Lung Nui though, hard to imagine she's older than the Condor Hero. TVB had Andy Lau resing the ROCH 83 theme for this version's theme.

Friday, July 21, 2006

>>>> Holy Smokes!! XD <<<<

>> SHOCKED!! I was so surprised, even a little speechless when I saw his newly released ad. I knew he's been working out, I only expected him to slim down, & maybe gain a little tone, but dang! He's rip! I cant believe he got a six pack in a mere 2-3 months. When I saw Bosco's ad, I was thinking Kevin might or might not top him, overall unsure. This is the first slimming ad that was revealed, I found it at the "HK Be A Lady" site, but part of a slide show though so I had to screen capture it. Its the best quality picture I found so far. This hot stuff, I think I'll see these pictures in forums as banners soon. Hook your buddy Asia up with a banner if you photoshop experts have an extra one. ;)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

>> Kevin Cheng's Fans Club Magazine Scan Version: Kevin's official site,, has a magazine scan version. The picture are a little more blurry, but its a little more close up. If you guys repost it, I think you shouldn't crop their water marks of the site to give them credit & be fair to the fans club. *Credit To:

Thursday, July 20, 2006

: : : The Launch of "Ethnic Diversity" : : :

. : Finally Launched: A dear friend & contributor of the site Lamoure suggested to start a feature spotlight mixed Chinese/Vietnamese celebs, after collaborating we expanded the idea even further to all mixed ethnic asian celebs. This will be an ongoing feature that I will try keep alive on the site. Without further ado, lets get this how on the road with our first two category. Once again special thanks to Lamoure for the contributions.

>>> There's Vietnamese In The Blood.... <<<

. : Ray Lui Leung Wai & Christy Chung Lai Tai: Ray Lui was a former TVB actor in the 80's & early 90's. He actually made quite a big name for himself with TVB, famous for his roles in Once "Upon a Time in Shanghai" & "The Bund". He's now a big name movie star. You guys might know him as Kathy Chow Hoi Mei's Ex-Husband. Ray is half Vietnamese. He grew up in Vietnam until he was 15, he then later moved to Hong Kong to pursue acting. He speaks fluent Vietnamese. Christy Chung is also half Vietnamese. She was Miss Chinese International 1993. She mostly stars in movies, and mainland series now. She's pretty well known in the Vietnamese media.

. : Maggie Q (Quigley) : Maggie Q is probably the most famous new asian startlet making her way into Hollywood. She's currently can be seen worldwide in "Mission Impossible III". She was a very famous actress & model in Hong Kong being linked with Edison Chen & Daniel Wu. She's 1/2 Vietnamese & 1/2-(Irish, French, & Polish) from her dad side. Her mom is 100% Vietnamese, her dad met her mom while he was in Vietnam, Maggie is a U.S. citizen being born in Hawaii. She's so amazingly pretty. Did you already know that she's Vietnamese?

>>>There's Portuguese In The Blood... <<<

. : Cerina Da Graca & Michelle Reis Lee Ka Yan: You guys probably all know Cerina, she was in alot of TVB series. She was fourth runners up at the 2002 MHK pageant. Cerina is actually half Portuguese, that's why her surname is Da Graca. Michelle Reis is big name actress & supermodel. She achieved fame very early on. She was the first MHK ever to also take the MCI title. She's the most sought after woman by fashion designers all over Asia. She got her start with TVB and many of you guys might remember seeing her in series from the early 90's. Michelle is also half Portuguese from her dad side. I think both are extremely pretty, is it me or they look full chinese? Couldn't even tell.

. : Edison Chen Kwoon Hei: I'm pretty most you guys know who Edison is. He's probably one the most famous actor & singer known all over Asia. He will co-star alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar in the upcoming movie "The Grudge 2". I've seen alot of his movies, I always thought he didn't look full Chinese. Turns out I was right, Edison is 1/8 Portuguese. Thats a pretty small percentage though, 12.5% to be exact, that means one of his great grandparents was full portugese. I still think there's something in his face that show he's mixed.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

>>> Early On Analysis: Part 4-Finale <<<

.: Feel Free To Disagree Again: We're finally here down to the final category to predict early on. Every year, The Best Leading Actress is most anticipated, the most discussed, & definitely the most arguable. Alot controversy has come from this category, I think I speak from past experiences when I say there's really no sure winner until the final the second when it's announced. Like I said, feel free to disagree, its only natural. Just dont get extremely angry over it, because they're only early on predictions.

::: The Best Leading Actress: The Contenders :::

TVB Generation

.: The Spectacle: My god, its hard to believe its only July, and the predictions are jamed pack with contenders. I had to build a three row tower to displayed all the contender's pictures. There many that just recently enter the game as a key contender due to extremely high ratings from their series. Its only gonna expand in the coming months, I expect other sure contenders like Myolie Wu & Liza Wang to enter once their anticipated series airs (War & Destiny, and Pearls of the Orient). An honorable mention I think is Louisa So, very deserving, but there's simply too much competition.

I must admit in the beginning of the year I thought that this category for 2006 would be a repeat of 2004 where the WAB cast dominated, except this time it would be the DOP cast. Once DOP got disapppointing ratings, suddenly all the other leading actresses were back in the game, some even got ahead of the game. Curently, my money is on either Jessica Hsuan, Kenix Kwok, or Sheren Tang. This might be the last year Jessica is with TVB because her contract will end in Semptember. Kenix has currently stop filming TVB series for a while now-she said she's resting will return next year. What I'm saying is maybe a Best Leading Actress Award might sweeten the deal for either of their return? I dont think Jessica will need a deal though, her "Casino Crisis" series is highly anticipated & mostly likely will get really high ratings. Kenix had "A Pillow Case of Mystery" this year, but do you think its enough for her to win?

Sheren Tang is my other top contender because of the great success from LFD. Her relationship with TVB is alot better now than 2004, so we'll see how it goes. Yoyo Mung & Melissa Ng were pretty high on my list because they were the key actresses that I said made it into the game from extremely high ratings from their series (Yoyo-FH, Melissa-LFD). The reason Ada Choi is caught in the middle of Yoyo & Melissa, because she's awsome, despite DOP getting low ratings, she gave her heart & soul into that acting job. Plus its the first series she did with TVB since To Catch The Uncatchable in 2004.

Charmaine Fans Will Freak Out! Why is Charmaine Sheh near the bottom of my list & behind Gigi Lai? I'm a Charmaine fan also, but everyone here probably knows I speak my mind. Charmaine's series have been quite a failure in the ratings... Since WAB, Strike At Heart became a warehouse series; Yummy Yummy, Always Ready, & LWOLAP all got really low ratings. DOP was a disappointment. So you guys do the math. Gigi's series were slightly more succesful so thats why she was higher on my prediction list. I dont think she'll win though, its a little too early for her to win for the second time. Maggie Siu was an honorable mention really, she's a respectable veteran actress. I really think deserves some recognition for performance.

Expect The Competition To Heat UP!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

>> Early On Analysis Part III <<

>>> Best Leading Actor: The Contenders <<<

.: Feel Free To Disagree: The Best Leading is always a hard category to predict early on, so I expected disagreements. This is just my little early on analysis, if you find one of your favorite stars didnt make it on my analysis dont get mad, the november award sweep might prove me wrong.

.: The Top Contenders: On the top of my head I think the top contenders are Bobby Au-Yeung, Michael Miu, Moses Chan, & Bowie Lam. Bobby is like a lucky charm for TVB, all of his series have gotten great ratings, A Pillow Case of Mystery, and now Forensic Heroes getting the highest ending ratings. Michael Miu is well liked among all the audiences, the latest news is Au Revoir Shanghai will air after Love Guaranteed, but I think he'll get his nomination for the upcoming "Casino Crisis". I really thought this year would have belong to Moses in the beginning because of the grand production "DOP", but once it aired and the ratings were a disappointment it greatly lowered both Moses & Bowie's chances. I also coin the phrase "DOP ratings were DOPE" as being the phrase use to describe why their chances were lowered.

Steven Ma is like caught in the middle, Safe Gaurd got great ratings, but not much buzz surrounding it nor is there any buzz about him from the series. He might make it to the final nomination list, he might not, I dont know, we'll just have to wait and see. The three "I doubt it" are Roger Kwok, Raymond, & Kevin. Roger Kwok, awsome actor, who definitely I think we be nominated for "Pearls of the Orient". I just he wont win because I doubt TVB win hand him the award for the third time & second time in a row. I doubt Raymond, because only had one highly rated series which was "LFD", plus I just its just not his year yet with all these tough competitors. The last one I doubt is Kevin, although both of his series that aired this year were successful in the ratings, I too think its just not his year yet.

Friday, July 14, 2006

>> Early On Analysis Part II <<

: : : Best Supporting Actress: The Contenders : : :

Truth Be Told I had the most trouble with this category, because I didn't have much to go. Last year's nominees were Rebecca Chan, Kiki, Angela Tong, & Christine Ng. For some reason I have a feeling that it wont change that much. Feel free to disagree with me because I had alot of trouble with this category.

My first two sure predictions are Rebecca Chan & Kiki Sheung. They're veterans, and they're well liked among older generations. Rebecca Chan & Kiki Sheung aren't exactly my picks, more like my predictions. They always seem to end up in the Extraordinary Female Artiste award, now still on going in the Best Supporting Female.

I think Angela Tong will be nominated again just because there's still some lingering support left over from her overwhelming popularity spike last year. If you're wondering if she is still eligible, she is, you can win & still be nominated for the same award the next year. Christine Ng didnt have any supporting roles this year, I have feeling Anne Heung might take her place & make her way into the nominee list. After all Anne signed with TVB again this year, cough... Just saying...

My pick is Kara Hui, she might not be well known, but she left a deep lasting impression on me this year. Her character in Safe Gaurd was very pityful, tragic downfall which I thought was very well potrayed, considering the short screentime she had. But sadly, I think she wont be nominated, very slim chances in my opinion just based on what I know about how TVB works.

>>> The Best Supporting Actor: The Contenders: <<<

My personal pick & prediction to win the award this year is the talented Wayne Lai. He was awsome in WRTL, Trimming Success & Safe Gaurd. His acting skills are at a veteran's level, he kinda is in his own rights. I thought he would of won it last year but out of nowhere Ha Yu won unexpectedly. I absolutely think he deserves to win this award this year no matter what.

My second prediction is Kenny Wong. Kenny has gotten so much so much publicity from DOP the last few months not quite Angela Tong's level from LMS, but still very big publicity. Reporters even ask Moses of how he feels about WAB bringing fame to the entire cast but DOP only brought greater fame Kenny Wong. I think he has big chance, plus he has the added factor that he is TVB contracted artiste on his side.

My last three personal & predictions are Derek Kwok, Evergreen Mak, & Power Chan. Derek did an awsome job in LWOLAP, which went underated, as did Evergreen Mak. I think Evergreen also did a good job in SG for the short time screentime that he had. Power Chan, I think he's talented, also an awsome job in LWOLAP, but he's extremely underated so I'm unclear of his odds.

The Who Knows Factor-Veterans: This award usually attract alot of veteran nominees which are very unpredictable. I'm sure by November, veterans like John Chiang, Paul Chun, Sir Chung King Fai, or Chan Hung Lit will make their way in to nominee list.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

>> Mr. HK 2006 Download / Highlights << ~UpDaTeD~

>> To Download or Not To Download? Haven't decided whether its worth downloading. Take a look at some highlights, and then decide.

>>The Host: Carol (DoDo) Cheng, Kathy Chow, & Anna Yau.
>>The Guest Judges Included: Bernice Liu, Myolie Wu, Christine Ng, Angela Tong, Yoyo Mung, Nancy Wu, Fala Chen, Ella Koon, Rain Li, Yumiko Cheng, Akina Hong, Tracy Ip, Sharon Luk, Carrie Lam, Shermon Tang, Mimi Lo, Erica Yeun, Rosemary, Carrie G., Heidu Chu, Amanda S., Anna R., & Many More...

. : : My Favorite Parts of the Show/Higlights: I this year's Mr. HK along with Beautiful Cooking are the funniest shows I've seen all year. I have many favorite parts in this year's show. Mostly amusing & funny highlights.

Worse Than American Idol Auditions!! LMAO: Kitterick Yiu & Larry Chan was so horrible at singing, I LMAO. Kitterick was singing some pop song running his hand through his hair & dancing. Myolie & Christine were laughing so hard. Larry sang a rock song about Crazy Emo Boy, I was like WTF? It was worse than America Idol auditions. Watch the short clip I uploaded of the two singing, I guarantee you will laugh your ass off.

Ella Koon Getting Wet: I thought it was hilarious when Otto Chan threw his wet shirt at Ella during the swimsuit portion. He got Ella, Yumiko, & Rain all wet, their reactions were priceless.

Excited Fala: You guys probably read about this in the news. Fala Chen was so funny when so leap up & reached over to to touch Bernie Ho's arm during the Swimsuit portion. She was so excited.

Matthew Ko's Hip Hop: Matthew Ko did the same exact hip hop routine as Usher in "You Remind Me of a Girl". I love that music video, not to be mean, but I found Matthew's dance kinda funny just because it was so weird in comaprison to the real Usher version, he fell in the end... For Matthew's hip hop rendition click here: (Its just the first minute of the clip), For Usher's real routine click here:

Christine Ng, LMAO!: Christine Ng was hilarious. She had to be carried by Francois while he's jump roping, it was so funny when she was rubbing his face while he was jumping. When it was Matthew's turn to carry her she open her robe revealing her cleavage, the crowd went wild laughing. To watch it! click here: (Its the same video as Matthew dancing, the jump roping is in the third minute of the short clip)

>>Downlad Links VIA FileFront & Sendspace<<: Please Dont Repost Links With Proper Credit Linking Back To The Site.


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