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Thursday, July 20, 2006

: : : The Launch of "Ethnic Diversity" : : :

. : Finally Launched: A dear friend & contributor of the site Lamoure suggested to start a feature spotlight mixed Chinese/Vietnamese celebs, after collaborating we expanded the idea even further to all mixed ethnic asian celebs. This will be an ongoing feature that I will try keep alive on the site. Without further ado, lets get this how on the road with our first two category. Once again special thanks to Lamoure for the contributions.

>>> There's Vietnamese In The Blood.... <<<

. : Ray Lui Leung Wai & Christy Chung Lai Tai: Ray Lui was a former TVB actor in the 80's & early 90's. He actually made quite a big name for himself with TVB, famous for his roles in Once "Upon a Time in Shanghai" & "The Bund". He's now a big name movie star. You guys might know him as Kathy Chow Hoi Mei's Ex-Husband. Ray is half Vietnamese. He grew up in Vietnam until he was 15, he then later moved to Hong Kong to pursue acting. He speaks fluent Vietnamese. Christy Chung is also half Vietnamese. She was Miss Chinese International 1993. She mostly stars in movies, and mainland series now. She's pretty well known in the Vietnamese media.

. : Maggie Q (Quigley) : Maggie Q is probably the most famous new asian startlet making her way into Hollywood. She's currently can be seen worldwide in "Mission Impossible III". She was a very famous actress & model in Hong Kong being linked with Edison Chen & Daniel Wu. She's 1/2 Vietnamese & 1/2-(Irish, French, & Polish) from her dad side. Her mom is 100% Vietnamese, her dad met her mom while he was in Vietnam, Maggie is a U.S. citizen being born in Hawaii. She's so amazingly pretty. Did you already know that she's Vietnamese?

>>>There's Portuguese In The Blood... <<<

. : Cerina Da Graca & Michelle Reis Lee Ka Yan: You guys probably all know Cerina, she was in alot of TVB series. She was fourth runners up at the 2002 MHK pageant. Cerina is actually half Portuguese, that's why her surname is Da Graca. Michelle Reis is big name actress & supermodel. She achieved fame very early on. She was the first MHK ever to also take the MCI title. She's the most sought after woman by fashion designers all over Asia. She got her start with TVB and many of you guys might remember seeing her in series from the early 90's. Michelle is also half Portuguese from her dad side. I think both are extremely pretty, is it me or they look full chinese? Couldn't even tell.

. : Edison Chen Kwoon Hei: I'm pretty most you guys know who Edison is. He's probably one the most famous actor & singer known all over Asia. He will co-star alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar in the upcoming movie "The Grudge 2". I've seen alot of his movies, I always thought he didn't look full Chinese. Turns out I was right, Edison is 1/8 Portuguese. Thats a pretty small percentage though, 12.5% to be exact, that means one of his great grandparents was full portugese. I still think there's something in his face that show he's mixed.

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Your are Nice. And so is your site! Maybe you need some more pictures. Will return in the near future.


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