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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

>> Early On Analysis Part III <<

>>> Best Leading Actor: The Contenders <<<

.: Feel Free To Disagree: The Best Leading is always a hard category to predict early on, so I expected disagreements. This is just my little early on analysis, if you find one of your favorite stars didnt make it on my analysis dont get mad, the november award sweep might prove me wrong.

.: The Top Contenders: On the top of my head I think the top contenders are Bobby Au-Yeung, Michael Miu, Moses Chan, & Bowie Lam. Bobby is like a lucky charm for TVB, all of his series have gotten great ratings, A Pillow Case of Mystery, and now Forensic Heroes getting the highest ending ratings. Michael Miu is well liked among all the audiences, the latest news is Au Revoir Shanghai will air after Love Guaranteed, but I think he'll get his nomination for the upcoming "Casino Crisis". I really thought this year would have belong to Moses in the beginning because of the grand production "DOP", but once it aired and the ratings were a disappointment it greatly lowered both Moses & Bowie's chances. I also coin the phrase "DOP ratings were DOPE" as being the phrase use to describe why their chances were lowered.

Steven Ma is like caught in the middle, Safe Gaurd got great ratings, but not much buzz surrounding it nor is there any buzz about him from the series. He might make it to the final nomination list, he might not, I dont know, we'll just have to wait and see. The three "I doubt it" are Roger Kwok, Raymond, & Kevin. Roger Kwok, awsome actor, who definitely I think we be nominated for "Pearls of the Orient". I just he wont win because I doubt TVB win hand him the award for the third time & second time in a row. I doubt Raymond, because only had one highly rated series which was "LFD", plus I just its just not his year yet with all these tough competitors. The last one I doubt is Kevin, although both of his series that aired this year were successful in the ratings, I too think its just not his year yet.

Comments on ">> Early On Analysis Part III <<"


Blogger endlessjoy said ... (12:14 AM) : 

I agree that everything is still very unpredictable for now so I won't strongly disagree with any of the contenders. Though as for Raymond, he still has one more series to determine his luck this year, the series is "Tai Chi" which might or might not be aired before the awards show, but if it does get aired, then Raymond might have a better chance. Tai Chi is a big production for TVB.


Blogger mOOn said ... (3:34 AM) : 

it very hard for me to predict the leading actor since i didnt watch both big series DOP and ARS acted by moses chan,bowie lam and micheal miu. only forensic heroes really caught my attention and gosh,i love that series! bobby au yeung did a great job as usual. i think he will make into the finalist list.micheal miu will be the second to make it to the list. either moses chan or bowie lam will make it to the list. i think it too early for kevin to make it to best actor list. he is more suitable to be named in most improved actor list this year.i REALLY hope steven ma will make it to the list but i dont think he will win it this just not his time. i think he is too young. hehe..his acting is awesome and SF is a great series! in my opinion, raymond will not make it to the list. his acting is downgraded in LFD. it just as good as last time and he just got less appearance in LFD. for me,he seems to be playing the "invisible" character in the series. i dont see much exciting situation that invovled him inside LFD. for roger kwok,cant predict now,coz his series is not air yet. but the first impression of his series Pearls of the Orient,seems boring.

other contenders,i think that will make into the list will be Damien Lau in Men In Pain.his acting is superb in the series. i think he definitely make it to the list and probably got the award. for the contenders that i think is so-so but will not make it to the list is frankie lam. his acting is so-so but is improving...hehe


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