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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

>> Mr. HK 2006 Download / Highlights << ~UpDaTeD~

>> To Download or Not To Download? Haven't decided whether its worth downloading. Take a look at some highlights, and then decide.

>>The Host: Carol (DoDo) Cheng, Kathy Chow, & Anna Yau.
>>The Guest Judges Included: Bernice Liu, Myolie Wu, Christine Ng, Angela Tong, Yoyo Mung, Nancy Wu, Fala Chen, Ella Koon, Rain Li, Yumiko Cheng, Akina Hong, Tracy Ip, Sharon Luk, Carrie Lam, Shermon Tang, Mimi Lo, Erica Yeun, Rosemary, Carrie G., Heidu Chu, Amanda S., Anna R., & Many More...

. : : My Favorite Parts of the Show/Higlights: I this year's Mr. HK along with Beautiful Cooking are the funniest shows I've seen all year. I have many favorite parts in this year's show. Mostly amusing & funny highlights.

Worse Than American Idol Auditions!! LMAO: Kitterick Yiu & Larry Chan was so horrible at singing, I LMAO. Kitterick was singing some pop song running his hand through his hair & dancing. Myolie & Christine were laughing so hard. Larry sang a rock song about Crazy Emo Boy, I was like WTF? It was worse than America Idol auditions. Watch the short clip I uploaded of the two singing, I guarantee you will laugh your ass off.

Ella Koon Getting Wet: I thought it was hilarious when Otto Chan threw his wet shirt at Ella during the swimsuit portion. He got Ella, Yumiko, & Rain all wet, their reactions were priceless.

Excited Fala: You guys probably read about this in the news. Fala Chen was so funny when so leap up & reached over to to touch Bernie Ho's arm during the Swimsuit portion. She was so excited.

Matthew Ko's Hip Hop: Matthew Ko did the same exact hip hop routine as Usher in "You Remind Me of a Girl". I love that music video, not to be mean, but I found Matthew's dance kinda funny just because it was so weird in comaprison to the real Usher version, he fell in the end... For Matthew's hip hop rendition click here: (Its just the first minute of the clip), For Usher's real routine click here:

Christine Ng, LMAO!: Christine Ng was hilarious. She had to be carried by Francois while he's jump roping, it was so funny when she was rubbing his face while he was jumping. When it was Matthew's turn to carry her she open her robe revealing her cleavage, the crowd went wild laughing. To watch it! click here: (Its the same video as Matthew dancing, the jump roping is in the third minute of the short clip)

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