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Friday, August 31, 2007

A New Chapter In Life

Life As I Know It has finally changed. I started college. Initially I was really nervous about it but I guess I calmed down a bit when the time actually came. The people in College are so different from High School. It's human nature for people to adapt to new surroundings, but a part of me doesn't want to change. Alot of people have changed though. The people who have changed are just people who are self conscious around so many people that they feel are better than them so they start to lose who they are to become someone they're not. I think I know exactly who I am and I hope to be the same girl with the same outlook on life. "Just be yourself" is probably the best quote to say.

In terms of TVB I would probably describe it as jump from "Heart of Fencing" to "The White Flame". HOF & Sunshine Heartbeat are really sweet mini-series that's about high school life and sports. I loved them when they came out because of their sentimental values. Now, I feel my life is like "The White Flame". If you remember the first part of the series was about Charmaine Sheh & Sammul Chan training to nurses at the training academy. It was just like college, they lived in dorms and they went through training classes. Most people don't even remember this series, but the first part of the series made a deep impression me. It's a spin off of Healing Hands and the storylines interconnected. Sammul Chan was the male lead. I think its funny when people say Sammul never lead a series before.

Anyways, I'm really in a state of shock at how much work college is. I really need some time to get used to it. I won't be updating as often anymore, but I'll do my best.

Comments on "A New Chapter In Life"


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