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Saturday, October 07, 2006

>>> Asia's Two Pennies On Current Events <<<

HAHA, I thought this picture is funny so I'm using to scale the current events. I've been away for a while so I catched up with everything the last two days. These are just my opinion so dont get mad, because once again they're just my opinions.

My Two Pennies On The Ekin & Yoyo Romance

My god! before I was away, I already thought there are way too many news about this couple. But like days and days later there is still enough news TO DROWN ME! As I was surfing through the 90 million articles about them I was thinking is this really necessary? The press is shoving this down our throat. I'm like, we get it, geez! So they're going out, I give them my blessings, but life goes on! On a scale of 1-5, I give it a .5 on the meter just because the press has blown it up to something bigger than I can stomach.

My Two Pennies On Joe Ma In Da Club

YES!!! Finally, there's a reason for me not to like Joe Ma! I never really was a fan of Joe Ma, I was kinda tired of seeing him in so many series, but I would never purposely dislike anybody for no reason. But this is definitely a clear right of way for me to use. Joe Ma was caught clubbing, then leaving drunk with an attractive female intimately. He was photographed in Taxi behaving intimately, then spending the night. I think he's a definitely some piece of 'work'. His wife & son are in France so I guess he couldn't keep in his pant. Even if nothing happen in the house, I think if you have a WIFE AND A SON, you shouldn't be out clubbing even if they aren't around! Another clear double standard. I bet if Kenix went clubbing while Frankie was away the press blow out of proportion a million times worse than this. I must admit, I'm surprise he's even slightly frozen by TVB, because this is alot worse than Kate Tsui talking about sex on the radio. I give this a 3.5 on the scale.

My Two Pennies On FWSY

Awsome! I actually am anticipating this, but this wont out until like a year later. I am extremely impress with the cast. Its definitely a Grand Production material cast. And the HKD 1 Billion estimated budget is definitely an eye opener. The only that concerns is that usually really long series gets tiring after a while. Keep in mind Grand doesnt necessarily mean Great, because I think we've all seen alot of grand productions that were flop. Lets just hope this one delivers a spectacular show that makes it into HK TV history. I give this a 4.5 on the meter.

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