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Saturday, October 28, 2006

>> TVB-G Dating Game: 39th TVB Anniversary PART II <<

I Predict Kenix Kwok's Date Will Be... Nobody!: Why nobody? Simple. Kenix wont attend this year's anniversary. She is currently filming in mainland plus she isnt a TVB contracted artiste so she doesnt have to worry too much. Kinda wierd that she was the hot favorite last year and all eyes were on her, and this year she didn't even attend the lighting ceremony.

I Predict Frankie Lam's Date Will be... Linda Chung?: I think Frankie will attend this year's ceremony because he has a really good relationship with TVB with the added success of "Forensic Heroes". He's a married man so he might fly solo but if they were to arrange a date I think Linda would be his date because they were paired up on FH. (Frankie is my back up prediction to Linda if the Raymond prediction fail)

I Predict Gigi & Moses Will Be Dates Again: Well, hear me out on this one. Gigi was Moses's date for like a split second last year. As soon the ceremony started we all saw that Gigi was accompanied by Bowie Lam all night from the opening routine to presenting the awards. I think Gigi will be Moses's date for the night again because of their upcoming series "Super Cops".

It was so odd that TVB arrange Niki Chow to be accompanied by Bobby Au-Yeung & Michael Miu. They weren't in any series together plus, I think that Niki doesn't even know Bobby or Michael. Yoyo went solo last year, that surprised me alittle. But whatever, its all in the past.

I Predict Bobby & Yoyo Will Be Dates This Year: Despite Yoyo being Ekin's girlfriend, I doubt they'll be dates. I think Bobby & Yoyo will be dates simply because of the success of "Forensic Heroes" and them being a onscreen couple in the series.

I Predict Michael's Date Will Be Sheren Tang: I have a hunch that they will be dates this year. I predicted this because of the casting in the upcoming grand production "FWSY".

All On Eyes Also On Myolie: The other lady of the night Myolie Wu who is battling it out against Charmaine Sheh for the Best Actress Award. I know alot of guys really love the Boscolie pairing, but I'm pretty sure they wont be paired up again. Instead, I Predict Myolie's Date Will Be Andy Hui, because of their pairing on "To Grow With Love".

I Predict Bosco's Date Will Be Tavia Yeung: I know I also said Steven's date will be Tavia but this another one my back up prediction. I predict this because Bosco & Tavia are paired up on the upcoming series "Storm In a Pool".

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