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Sunday, July 09, 2006

>> Mr. Hong Kong Special <<

>>The 2006 Mr. Hong Competion:

>>When: Saturday Night, July 8th.
>>Hosts: Carol Cheng, Kathy Chow, & Anna Yau.
>>Guest & Judges: 32 VIP All Female Celeb Judges, Including Ella Koon, Rain Li, Yumiko Cheng, & Many More...
>>Watch It: I'll try to find the torrent, If possible I can try to upload it if I have time. Check early next week.

>>DOWNLOAD OR STREAM THE 2005 Mr. Hong Kong, Super Fun Show<<

>>Hosts: Carol Cheng, Niki Chow, & Anna Yau.
>>Special Guest Judges:
Maggie Cheung, Bernice Liu, Yoyo Mung, Christine Ng, Twins, Isabella, Mandy Chiang, Belinda Hamnett, Angela Tong, Halina Tam, Joyce Cheng, Kate Tsui, Queenie Chu, Gaile Lok, Rosemary, & Many More!

>>Must See: This show is MAD fun, I'm sure you guys have heard from people who've seen it. The voting system is so fun because its gradual elimination by the votes casted as the show progress. All the judges were very excited, especially Christine & Belinda who were so hyped up. If you havent seen it, watch it. Trust me when I say its super funny.

>>Download Links-
NEW FILEFRONT Link:;5259142;;/fileinfo.html
CREDIT To Hithere05 For Uploading & Sharing!
New YSI Link-Expires July 16th, DL Quick:
Credit To Dramafan For Uploading & Sharing

Click To Stream Or Right Click, Save Target As to Download. Its alot smaller in size than the huge chunk I downloaded last year. Very fast to download since its Direct. Please credit if you repost. Source: Ent.Tom.Com<<
*Showtime1 May Experience Lack Of Sound Depending On The Type of Codec You Have, Test Stream Before You Download, Sorry For The Inconvinience*
-- NOTE:The Ending is a Bonus Interview, Skip It if you only want to watch the Show --
~Opening // Showtime1 // Showtime2 // Ending~
>25 Minutes // 16 Minutes // 25 Minutes // 11 Minutes<

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