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Sunday, November 26, 2006

::: Hotties With Bodies PART II :::

I did Part I all the way back in May, I continued it because it was requested by :) on shoutbox the day before. If this feature gets good responses from the reader then I'll try my best to continue it.

If you missed PART I: CLICK HERE. Now on to Part II.

The Alex Fongs:

>>Alex Fong Lik Sun: Well, I think everyone knew he had a great body. He has shown his fit body many times in advertisements and in the news. He does alot of swimming, and jogging so I think that's his secret to a great body.

>>Alex Fong Chung Sun: Often refer to as the "Old" Alex Fong to diffrentiate between the two. I bet you guys didn't know he was in such a good shape for his age. Age is just a number anyways. I was surprise to see this picture at first not because of his age, but because of his busy filming schedule, its great that he still finds time to workout.

. : Moses Chan: Yeah, I know, this is a really old picture but its a great representation of Moses's great body. Although he's not shirtless, you can still see that he has great abs and pecks. Its my first time using the word pecks, I used to called them man-boobs, but my friends laugh at me saying when they're muscles on a man's chest they're called pecks.

. : Francois Huynh: Mr. Hong Kong 2006. Francois took this picture for TVB's 2007 calendar. His has unique image kinda different from other TVB manage artites, he looks like the Hollister and Abercrombie type of asian guy. Francois has that really hot California surfer body that isn't overly muscular, but still very well toned. If you're wondering how to say his name, its pronounce-(Fron-Swa), I think its French.

The Somewhat Molested At TVB Anniversary Celebration:

: : : Kevin Cheng: I've shown this picture before in the past. Kevin trained and workout for about 3-4 months in the gym and on the tennis court to shoot this advertisement for the same company Tavia Yeung is shooting bust enhancing advertisements for. Imagine that, getting paid to get in good shape and enhancing your bust, what a world we live in... Kevin has nice pecks and abs.

: : : Kenny Wong: In my opinion his body gave his a career a jump start. Eversince he appeared in The Dance of Passion practicly shirtless throughout half the series he's infamous for his chizzle body. Advertisers pay him to take off his shirt on a regular basis. I must say he's in awsome shape. He's probably the most overated male body in TVB entertainment.

How Ironic: I started this post last night, and when I saw the news this morning at AF there was an article about HK Clebs posing half naked pictures for a photobook which helps numerous charities. If this post just isn't enough flesh for you, CLICK HERE, to see other male celebs that posed for the photobook who include Alex Fong Lik Sun, Chilam Cheung, Andy Hui, Aaron Kwok...

Comments on "::: Hotties With Bodies PART II :::"


Blogger VMT's Blog said ... (8:52 PM) : 

please me link download Mr hongKong Contest 2006


Blogger j00ky said ... (4:32 AM) : 

Between the 2 Alex Fong's I much prefer older Alex's bod *droolss* Younger Alex is too short and too 'thin'.


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