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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Miss Hong Kong 2008

As an annual tradition I watched Miss Hong Kong this year. Sad to say, the show was very boring. It was such a letdown considering last year's show was very entertaining because they made it like the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. This year's show was OK in terms decorations and staging but it's overall production was very dull. The contestants were very unrehearsed. They very sloppy with their dances and were extremely slow when it came to synchronize routines like they forgot what to do next. Sad to also say this but the quality of this year's contestants have gone down.

Here are my critiques of the winners...

Miss Hong Kong 2008-Edelweiss Cheung

Her name is pronounced [E-DELL-WISE] but written like the flower which is actually pronounced [EH-DAL-WEEZ], weird... She was recently called the worst Miss HK by many netizens because of her looks but mostly because of he behavior. She had her pictures taken when she was caught making out with her boyfriend in public, clubbing, smoking, and drinking. There's a fine example for young girls to look after in Hong Kong........ There's rumors she won because she knew one of the judges. I think she's not a very good choice for Miss Hong Kong too. If you remember, last year's winner Kayi Cheung was called the worst winner in the last 20 years but I got good news for you Kayi. Everyday is a new day baby, believe that! Edelweiss Cheung is quickly coming after that title.

To me she looks like a less prettier version of Fala Chen. One of her eyes is very noticeably bigger than the other, especially when she smiles. She's the tallest Miss Hk ever standing at 5'11, that's 6'3 with heels on... Even though she's very tall, her figure is not very good, it's kind of bean pole looking. There were plenty of other tall contestants in the past more deserving of the crown than her like Carrie Lam (5'10), Koni Lui (5'9), or Loretta Chow (5'9).

Here's her TVB "Beauty Shot", I use the term loosely...

1st Runner Up-Skye Chan

I think she won 1st Runner Up because she performed well during the competition. To me she looks so much older than her age. I think its because of her really defined squared shape jaw. It also makes her look a bit too masculine.

Another TVB "Beauty Shot":

2nd Runner Up-Sire Ma

She looks kind of pretty during the pageant night when when she was glamed up with make up but before the pageant she was not that pretty to me at all. She extremely short when you see her full body on video.

She won Miss Photogenic........ Uh, yeah......

Comments on "Miss Hong Kong 2008"


Anonymous wendy said ... (4:27 AM) : 

Yes, totally in agreement that Skye Chan looked so much older than her age.

The current Miss Korea also look much older than her actual age. Is this the new direction for beauty pageants? hehehe...


Blogger Asia Choi said ... (9:38 AM) : 

I've seen a pic of the current Miss Korea recently. She does look older than her age but I think she's being dethrown because of nude photos.


Blogger hani_tvb said ... (9:10 AM) : 

The name of her irritates me too. Edelweiss is a german word, "weiss" means "white". But I don't know why she has a german name ^.^''


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:05 AM) : 

You're right! Edelweiss is the German name given to type of flower like Asia said.


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