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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Quality of TVB Series Over The Last Year

So has it Gone UP or DOWN ???


To me, this year there was a balance with quantity and quality. There was always a decent TVB Series to watch which is a great thing since it's main purpose is to entertain us and it would pretty hard to do if there was only a small handful of series that is released yearly. If they were to only focus on the quality a few series yearly then there would only be very little series to watch.

I actually like it better the way it is. Many series with different genres, subjects, time periods, sequels, & etc... for all of us to be able to pick and choose from. Of course there will be hits and of course misses but rolling the dice is part of life. Overall, I say the quality has actually gone... UP with storyline and plot improving. To be fair the majority of the misses were filmed years ago or not very recently like Tai Chi.

What Does This Really?
It will mean alot to some but absolutely nothing to people who are biased towards cast. In a given TVB year, if there is an increased in the amount of series with their favorite artiste or artistes then the quality has increased to them, if not, the quality has gone down regardless of how good it is. Just keep that in mind, and decide for yourself whether you find the quality of a series to be good or bad and not let anyone sway your opinion too much.

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