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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Asia's Personal Blog: Congrats Graduates!!! And soon to be'z

Since I wasn't around to blog during the graduation months of April-June, I would like to take this opportunity to say Congrats to all the graduates of 2008. Congrats Grads! Whether it be High School or College. It is an amazing accomplishment. You will remember the moment for the rest of your life.

And for those who close to graduation, enjoy the moment. I know not every momen
t will be good but in the end it will be worth it. You're one step closer. Good luck!

Throughout this busy & hard year I have to say I've had an amazing time in College. I've met so many new friends and learned so many new things. Here some lessons I've learned about college people starting college this year might appreciate and current college students might concur with.

1. Do not dorm or room with your close friends. Dorm with a complete strangers or acquaintances. Dorming with them will encourage you to go out and meet new people. If you dorm with your close friends you might never leave your dorm, like my friends who are hermits and never leave see the day light.

2. Go to class. I know so many people that are squandering so much money by never going to class and then failing their test.

3. Learn to balance partying and studying. This is probably the main thing people have a problem with.

4. Know that some of your friends WILL change. Some of my friends have started drinking/smoking/having random sex. Don't be too weirded out.

5. Long distance relationships seldom work out. Sorry you hopeless romantics but I haven't seen one work out yet. My good friend openly cheats on his girlfriend... Men...

6. Contrary to what a lot of people think and say, you do NOT NEED TO CHANGE YOUR MAJOR 88384756399302 TIMES. Pick something you are passionate about. If you absolutely hate biology or chemistry then maybe Med school is not for you. If you hate math then avoid engineering. You will never change your major if you pick something that you like... and you'll save a lotta money too =]

7. Have FUN! Do not study 24/7....

8. STUDY! Do not party 24/7...(yes, I realize that these 2 rules are the same as #3... but it's that important!)

9. If you bring a rice cooker with you to college, all the white people will think you're awesome. HAHA

10. Freshman 15 does exist. Go to the gym or eat healthy.

11. Get used to going to bed real late if you live in a dorm. Things will keep you up late until maybe 2 or 3. Even later on exam week.

12. is your bible. Use it well. It's correct almost 90 percent the time. Be weary though, if you go through college just taking all easy A classes... you won't do so well if you plan on taking test like MCATs/PCATs/DATs/Boards...

13. Flash cards are your friends. They seriously do help in studying =/ Even though I never use them... I should start though

14. Just like highschool, join some clubs =P They look good on your transcripts if your trying to get into a particular College in your University.

15. Get a feel for your professor. If your professor doesn't like to be interrupted, then just shut up. If your teacher doesn't like you to be late, then try to show up on time. And for the love of god, put your cell phones on silent. If you get on your teachers bad side, you are screwed for the semester.

16. If you're going to a big scale college, get used to walking everywhere. My friends have to leave dorm like 30 mintues before class just to walk there.

17. Make sure you actually LOOK at your schedule when you're registering for classes. Do you have 10 minutes inbetween class for a 30 minute walk? And don't take go crazy and take more than... maybe 17 credits max. And don't be lazy and take less than 12 credits. And for you doctors/dentist/pharmicist, try not to take more than 2 sciences a semester. It gets overwhelming if you have 3 or more.

17a. For summer courses, don't take 2 sciences. It sucks hardcore. Just take 1 science and some other class.

18. REGISTER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! People are not stupid and they will try to sign up for the best teachers right away. You should try to register right on your registration date! Going to a large scale university will make it hard for you to make your schedule because the classes are based around the professor and when he feels like teaching. However, if you go to a community college it's mad easy.

19. Textbooks are expensive. If you can get away with getting a book at discount store than do it. The book stores at the university are crazy about the prices. Also, try to get books from friends.

20. Going to college or a university is a brand new start for you. Everything you achieved beforehand means absolute nothing now. If you didn't do too hot in highschool don't let that bring you down. I believe succeeding in life isn't all about natural intelligence(although it's a nice added bonus =O). If you work hard and stay dedicated then you'll be able to over come anything. This can also go the other way around, if you breezed through highschool, don't think for a second you can do the same with college...

Comments on "Asia's Personal Blog: Congrats Graduates!!! And soon to be'z"


Anonymous kris said ... (1:18 AM) : 

thank you Asia for your wonderful tips :) I still have one more year of high school left to go before hitting college... which gets me a bit nervous/scared just thinking about =/ but reading these little tips like these now and then is somewhat relieving :) I love your works, d(^_^)b hehe, especially your open and laid back lingo :) I will be a frequent visitor of your site so hope you continue with the fabulous job! (I just discovered about it recently through Metal)


Anonymous Langus said ... (6:54 PM) : 

Visiting your blog and reading your posts, days, months after months; its part of growth for me. Another year of IB high school to go....

Big welcome back Asia !


Blogger Kat said ... (2:34 AM) : 

Nice tips! Those are very true because I'm in college myself. Yes, is a life saver. Without it, I will be clueless about the teachers I'll take. I should try using flashcards one day. I remember using it a while back in high school. May I ask, what year are you in?


Blogger Asia Choi said ... (11:43 PM) : 

AWw. It was realy nice reading all your comments. I am in my 2nd year.


Blogger randomness said ... (10:18 AM) : 

thanks for the tips, I'm starting university this year and I'll keep in mind what you wrote =D


Blogger alicechen said ... (4:27 PM) : 

ASIA!! First of all, welcome back girl!! It is always good to see old bloggers back! I missed you and your thoughts!

And thanks for the tips!!

Coincidentally, I'll start my freshman year in 1 week!! AHH Scary much?

Freshman 15, I have heard of it...i need to find the gym..

And really? Bring a rice cooker? haha I dont dorm anyways...*sibs*

My college registered all the classes for their first year students. I'm afraid I might not be able to juggle 7 courses, 17 credits!! Gahhh

I hope you dont get annoyed if I visit you often to complain about college life. =)



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