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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

BRAVO Bosco!!

As some of you guys might remember, Bosco and I didn't end on good terms before I went on a hiatus lol. I called out his fashion sense because of his over the top feminine wardrobe. What really set off the critique was a really horrendous outfit he wore to JSG about a year ago (On the Left). If any of you guys would like to re-read the whole post here is the link: CLICK HERE.

Anyways, one year later I think Bosco might have heard about all the critiques by netizens in forums and maybe my post (Not! HAHA). The priceless shirt he wore to a Moonlight Resonance event won me over. It's hilarious! I think its great that he's able to make fun of himself. I didn't see the shirt until yesterday though because most of the pictures were of Lee Si Kei and some newcomer you guys might have heard of named Raymond Lam =D

The Shirt Reads: "I Am Just An Ordinary Fashion Victim"
LOL! Bravo Bosco, Bravo!

By the way, his hair actually looks really good now. Cool color, nicely style, very suave.

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