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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Legend of The Demigods/ Hot Men on Your Class or Mine / Feeling The World Wide Financial Crisis

Just Finish Watching Legend of the Demigod: I actually was anticipating this series alot because I really like mythical series like Journey To The West but it kind of disappointed me. When I heard the money that went into this series' CGI was the most for any series I was expecting really good special effects but it really wasn't that good after all. I thought the CGI in Twins of Brother was better and this was along of the lines of Devil's Disciple.

The storyline was not very enticing. It was clearly written for a younger audience that ranged from ages 5-13. To me, it was like a rip off of God of Honor. Nonetheless, the little kid inside me did somewhat enjoy it's entertaining value.

I'm now watching Your Class or Mine: It's actually pretty good. I think this series was made targeting the 13-24 age group. Bobby & Sheren are clearly the only real big name artists headlining it. However, I wouldnt say the casting in this series is bad.

The Men in this series are HOT!
Benjamin Yuen (Mr. HK 2007), Him Law, Oscar leung, and Leung Chin Kar make up the main four soccer player. They all are handsome and have a cuteness quality in them. Sadly, the younger females in this series aren't very pretty with the exception of Rabaee Yeung.

I really like Him Law Ching Him. He's another english speaking actor getting a shot at fame with TVB. He's from Australia so he does have an accent as some of you might have noticed. He was also in Dressage To Win. To me he looks like an exact Asian Version of Chace Crawford (Nate from Gossip Girl). That's HOT!

The Financial Crisis: This crisis is quite scary. The U.S. is on the verge of a depression if this keeps up. This has spread to virtually every country throughout the world. Younger generations like most of us should be very worried because it will be very hard to get a student loans for college or graduate school.

The last three weeks have been the worst three weeks for Stocks and Money Markets. It didn't surprise me ratings for TVB Series were down. 2/3 of the population in Hong Kong have investments in Stocks which practically crashed the last few weeks including that gold digging tramp Tracy Ip who claimed she made 300 millions HKD worth of assets from Stocks. People are clearly in no mood to watch to watch TV. If was TVB I would bring out the low budget series now and save the good ones for later.

Comments on "Legend of The Demigods/ Hot Men on Your Class or Mine / Feeling The World Wide Financial Crisis"


Anonymous Butifly said ... (10:34 PM) : 

I'm currently watching Legend of the Demigods. It's not a great series, but it's a good series to watch to pass time by.

Gosh, now you make me want to watch Your Class or Mine. Him Law and Leung Chin Kar look darn hot. It's been a while since I see a really attractive guy in TVB series. Keke.

I really don't know what is going on with the financial crisis, except knowing the basic information in the news. I do hope it will get better or at least doesn't get worst.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:49 PM) : 

i finished watching Your Class or Mine! and part of the reason i watched it was because of Law Chung Him! i agree with you, all of the soccer players are so hot, i love watching them on the field, something about them scoring a goal is just hot. lol :D and from your pictures, he does look like Chace Crawford!!!! i hope he gets to act in more tvb series so i get to see more of him lol


Anonymous bbfreak said ... (10:32 AM) : 

omg..i love him law! just curious where did u find out abt him being from australia? i see so little info abt him online... any other info abt him?


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