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Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Ultimate Crime Fighter **SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!***

I Can't Believe What I'm Watching... Kevin Cheng's character (Aaron Chong Man Hei) is horrific. I was watching the scene where he killed Ching Ching (Gigi Lai) at 2 AM last night and I couldn't believe her life came to an end that way. Gigi's character is very innocent and sweet and to see that she was killed by someone she trusted like that was shocking. I knew even before watching the series that it was bound to happen but OMG... I anticipate the last few episodes will be very tense. Her death seems to have make a huge impact on most of the major characters in the series. Kevin's gay (or bisexual) psycho serial killer character Aaron is really one of the scariest I've seen in series.

I really like watching TUCF. I had doubts about it in the first 4 episdoes because I so afraid the entire series will revolve around Yuen Biao's psyhic abilities, but I'm glad it eventually faded almost completely out of the storyline. Once I got past the first 5 episode and it got alot better. This series somewhat reminds of series like the Justice Files. I want to see how everything will end. I heard Moses Chan's character makes a drastic change after Gigi Lai's death.

This series is very violent in the beginning. However, it died down towards the middle. And became more violent towards the end. I was so surprise to see TUCF got a NC-16 Rating ( No Children Under 16 are permitted to watch) in the U.S. My rental store would let this 15 year old boy rent it because of the warning DVD set came with. They were afraid they might lose their lincense to rent out DVDs.

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