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Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Rundown on The Drive of Life

So much to say, but I want to keep brief and not long winded.

1st: The first 10 episodes of Drive was bleh... It was a horrible idea to use the Damian Lau and the three brother's love hate relationship as the opener to the series and hook people. It quite boring to me...

2nd: The dialogue about cars through out the series was so zzzZZZ... They were talking about mechanical parts, car engines, tires, and the list goes on. This might be new to some people but the majority of people that watch TVB series are women. And most women aren't that interested in hearing about car parts... Raymond Lam's body parts, that's another story...

3rd: The last 25 episodes was actually REALLY GOOD. The storyline had finally developed into it's climax. We finally knew who were the true villains and the suspense building towards the finale.

4th: Toby Leung was TERRIBLE! Actors basically pretend to someone their not and most of the time it is believable. Toby does such a horrible job at "pretending" that she looks like one of those people that are bad liars. It was like she was lying to me onscreen. Her crying was just so BAD. She basically just opens her mouth REALLY wide and cringes her face.

5th: I know the storyline was male dominated but I found the women's storyline more interesting.

6th: Best Actress in this series goes to Sheren Tang, hands down.

7th: The most dynamic character in this series is Wing Sau Fung (Charmaine's). So well crafted and had such a huge impact on the series. Wing Sau Fung to me was a combination all four dominant women in War & Beauty because possessed qualities that existed in all of them. On Sin-Highly Intellegant; Yuk Ying: Foolish; Yee Shun: Cunning; Yue Fei: Strong Willed. (By the way, I know the series were not produce by the same producers.)

8th: WHY JESSICA? WHY?! Why did you accept this role? Her character was so annoying and did nothing dynamic to the overall storyline until all the way towards the end. She basically lived off of what Joe Ma's character did. Her character was irrational, stupid, and a push over.

9th: The ending could have been better. It was good, but I really expected a better ending.

10th: Overall, this was a really good series. I have no clue way everyone is saying it is bad. Alot of them didn't watch it yet, but they had to jump in with comments saying it's not interesting and it's a failure. I think they're just bandwagoners who dislike one or two of the cast members so they'll say anything to bring it down or bring up the series their favorite stars are in. This is so stupid to me, if you're a TVB fans you should have an open mind about all series... This goes for all series, not just [Drive] by the way...

Comments on "The Rundown on The Drive of Life"


Anonymous triumph said ... (2:48 AM) : 

Asia, I agree with you that TDOL is a good series. Though the series is considered to be slow placed to some people, but overall, I think if you are a patient audience and are willing to watch through all 60 episodes, there are a lot of notable & memorable sub-storylines in the series. But I gotta say that I found that not only Jessica's character is irrational and crazily in love with Joe, I think Charmaine's character is kinda irrational too when she wanted revenge for an unreasonable reason...hehehe....therefore, I have no favorite female character in the series, well but I do like Sheren character a lot too :)

And I found Micheal & Sheren's romantic storyline in the series to be the most touching. The couple go through a lot, from loving, breakup to makeup and a happy ending. :) hehehe


Blogger [ и ] said ... (8:27 PM) : 


first of all, nice site you have!
it's one of my bookmarked sites for tvb lol.
i agree with you on how many people just jump onto the bandwagon in criticizing DOL, i don't think it's that bad, and i'm only halfway done, with most of the interesting plot yet to be seen.


Blogger randomness said ... (8:45 PM) : 

i totally agree with you about The Drive of Life. It was a pretty good series, and I don't understand why so many people say how it's not that great. I really liked the ending, and I was really glad that Jessica finally had something to do with it. Her character was what helped pull the series together in the end. I doubt that any other actress would have the same capability to do so. Another good thing about the series was that it proved that Ron Ng looks good in almost any uniform. lol

I also agree with you about Sheren. Her acting has always been top notch, and this was no exception. What series will Sheren be in, in 2008?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:36 PM) : 

I think Damian Lau done an extremely great job in DOL. He really carry the series as i expected. Really one of the best actor out there who have the charisma to lead such a long series without making it boring.

His facial expression and timing in delivering his lines are just extremely good! My god!
He's actually the only reason i make it through the last episode! ^^

Haiya.. I've seen him before in An Awakening Story and Point of No return. But his performance in this series has make me respected him even more!

I'm looking forward for his next great performance!

Way to go Mr D! ^^


Blogger Jadedreams said ... (10:26 PM) : 

Great comment about being a TVB fan and keeping an open mind with all series! I think people who dislike TDOL are generally people who tend to compare it with HOG which was the more popular, higher rating serie. In my opinion, I think if you are the type of TVB fan that has a certain appreciation for qualities like character development or acting, then at least you'll be sure to enjoy those aspects from TDOL.

Very clever comparison between Charmaine's Sau Fung with War and Beauty's 4 main characters! She was definitely the lead actress for this serie, and I thought she did an awesome job when she cries. I quite like her and Raymond together. But then, which actresses he has worked with doesn't have chemistry with him lol

As for Jessica, I didn't think her character was that exceptional either, but it's a very different role for her so I appreciate that she's trying different roles. Generally accepted as one of TVB famous actress, she can't always stay in the comfort zone of characters. However, I thought she totally shined in the last few episodes though.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:50 PM) : 

Oh gosh I agree with most of the things you said about DOL! Definitely agree! I don't even know what else to say, LoL.

TVB really should think through about their opening scripts, no? The first 10 eps were definitely a little hard to get through. But I'm glad I got through it because the last half of the series (or also during the middle) was crazy LOL.


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