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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Most Enjoyable Couplings of 2007 (Minor Spoilers)

My Personal Top 10 Most Enjoyable TVB Couplings of 2007

10. Linda Chung & Raymond Lam: Quite enjoyable in the beginning, but got uh... weird towards in the end. Alfred Leung cheating on Seung Joi Sam with her best friend in the storyline is kind of a turn off. And that whole diary thing got old...

9. Bosco Wong and Bernice Liu: They had good chemistry in Devil's Disciple but sadly the storyline did not let them end up together.

8. Alvina Kong & Tsui Weng: Their characters Diana & Kau Chun from The Best Selling Secret was enjoyable in the sense that they both knew they were something between each other and their relationship started to developed more interesting over time with both not acting on it completely leaving some mystery.

7. Gigi Lai & Moses Chan: Let's just talk in terms of the first half of The Ultimate Crime Fighter. They were considered an odd couple. Gigi originally didn't care for Moses but then she developed a huge crush on him. He however thought she didn't match him, but her sincerity won him over. Jonh Lung eventually fell in love with Ching Ching which was very touching, but their ending....

6. Feng Shao Feng & Myolie Wu: Their storyline was unique. They both face rejection from people who they love and thought love them. They found love between the two of them in the end which was sweet.

5. Sharon Chan & Kevin Cheng: Both had loner personalities in Devil Disciple because of their tough childhood. Both were misunderstood because they had a personal mission
in life that strangely brought them together. It's clear they developed love for each, but their ending was pityful.

4. Sheren Tang & Michael Miu: A shaky relationship that went through alot of turmoil in The Drive of Life. They broke up in the beginning, but both were still in love with each other. All the things they were willing to do for each other were very touching. In the end they were brought back to together again by their strong love bond.

3. Esther Kwan & Gregory Wong: Their characters Wong Ka Lam and Vincent in The Best Selling Secret had one of the most interesting storyline that developed over time. What seemed to be a sudden crush turned out to be a love spark that first occured almost two decades ago, but did not fall into place. There is clearly feelings between both but will they both ever fully act on it??

2. Charmaine Sheh & Raymond Lam: This relationship had humor, sparks, and turmoil. It was a love hate relationship between them through out the storyline, but in the end they ended up together and they were willing to do anything for each other.

1. Steven Ma & Bernice Liu: I just dont know what it is about them, but they seem to have a great chemistry. The things they do in the series were very cute, for example, the turning back to glance with the coin thing is absolutely adorable. The overall storyline enhanced their chemistry greatly. The music in the series made their scenes together so lovely. I enjoyed this coupling the most this year. Ja'Dore!

Comments on "Most Enjoyable Couplings of 2007 (Minor Spoilers)"


Blogger savvy kate said ... (12:20 AM) : 

i like Alvina Kong & Tsui Weng, too!!
tsui is a funny guy and so talented!! =)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:46 AM) : 

asia... i totally agreed w u for ur top 3 couple pairings... i liked them too..=)


Anonymous TV de LCD said ... (10:07 AM) : 

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:28 AM) : 

j'adore...not ja'dore


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:28 AM) : 

hmmm surprised that Bosco and Tavia didn't make your Top 10 list... Bosco and Tavia were a lot of people's fav couple but I guess not your cup of tea?


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