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Thursday, November 06, 2008



TVB Will Be Going Into It's Anniversary With Poor Ratings... TV Rating is taking quite a hit in Hong Kong because of the global economic crisis. This is a big change from most of the past anniversary. This is all happening on the eve of the crowning of the new "TV King" & "TV Queen". They are symbolically the leaders for the upcoming TVB year. Whoever is chosen, they will take over the toughest reign with the current condition.

SO WHO DID YOU VOTE FOR?? Who is Right For The Job?

As TV King...

Roger Kwok? "Two Terms" of Experience as TV King under his belt.
Raymond Lam? The Youngest "TV King" elect ever if he wins, he also has the young popularity vote behind him.
Moses Chan? Will he be re-elected for a second term in a row or will TVB give it to someone else this year?
Ha Yu? He will be the oldest "TV King" elect if he wins. He has the most career experience out of all the other candidates. Will he prevail as the hot favorite or will the company favorite win?
Kevin Cheng? Rushed into his first term as "TV King" somewhat prematurely. With redemption from a near flawless performance in LOS, is he ready to take the platform again?

As TV Queen...

Liza Wang? A Legacy & the most experienced as TV Queen.
Susanna Kwan? The underdog out of the hot favorites two years straight.
Louise Lei Sze Kei? Will she be re-elected for a second term? She played many great moms in her career, but do we need a mom or a Queen right now?
Michelle Yim? One of the greatest villain in the history of TVB. Her win might be a "necessary evil".
Charmaine Sheh? Highest in company status with the recent announcement of a retiring Fa Dan. Will TVB appease her with a second term as TV Queen?

In Case you have you havent figured it out, this post has other symbolic meanings besides just the TVB awards. And yes, I know there are more nominees but I was using my Top 5 predictions to get my point across.

I'm not going to go into Politics too much but I'm proud of the U.S. as a Country. We witnessed History in the making on November 4th. For those of you who voted regardless, I applaud you!

Comments on "CHANGE"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:22 AM) : 

Does economic situation really affect TVB ratings? I would guess that more people will stay home and watch tv instead of going out to eat or spend money. But I think TVB's recent decisions in who to promote and who not to promote plays a big factor in the declining popularity. I myself don't have as much interest in TVB anymore.

Speaking of the USA elections, I get goosebumps thinking of how historic this is. The president-elect was born and went to school here in the same place I live in. He often comes back to visit and will come again in December. Now that's really cool also.


Blogger Asia Choi said ... (1:31 AM) : 

The economy is a hard thing to understand. If people are losing money, they sure will not be home, especially in Hong Kong. They will most likely be out working extra shifts to earn more money. And if they lost their job they would definitely not be watching TV. For one thing, that raises their electricity bill. People will most likely will be job hunting instead.

Try to look at from both a Macroeconomic & Microeconomic point of view.


Blogger Asia Choi said ... (1:32 AM) : 

I agree that was a very historic election, I got goosebumps too.


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