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Friday, January 26, 2007

>>> TVB Senior High School <<<

. : TVB Senior High School : .

Nothing Educational: All I have to say is sorry if you expected something educational. This is pure randomness. TVB Senior High School will a multi-part post which will analyze what clique or role TVB artistes might fall into if they were in high school. Its funny to watch movies about social cliques because its so true. Movies like Mean Girls depict this very well & mocks it in a very clever way. Please dont take any of my comments seriously, its just for fun.

The Geeky Guy-Lawrence Ng: Lawrence Ng rubs me off as a geeky guy, because of his appearance. Although he looks geeky Lawrence is actually pretty sauve. He is engaged to a 21 years old mainland actress who is half his age. (Lawrence is 42). Yes that picture is of Piao from Beauty and the Geek 3.

The Class Clown-Bobby Au-Yeung: This was a no brainer for me. A class clown is someone who is funny & outgoing with a lively personality. Having this in mind, I automaticly thought of Bobby Au-Yeung because he is famous for all of the above.

The Girl Who Dress Revealingly For Attention-Fala Chen: Who all know "this girl". She dresses very sexy to get some attention from people. Most likely from men, and all the women are just looking at her asking themself "What is she wearing?" or "What is NOT wearing?". Fala Chen stole this tittle from Shirley Yeung in my opinion. Recently Fala has earn the reputation as the the TVB actress who dresses extremely revealing. (Those are the "plastics" from Mean Girls by the way.)

The Jock-Kevin Cheng: The athletic type of guy who is sporty & buff looking is known as the jock. Most likely good looking also. I think of Kevin as the jock because he seems like he is the Abercrombie & Fitch type of guy who has that type of physique & drive. He looks like he very sporty and athletic with his built stature from playing Tennis & Soccer. Kevin actually wears Abercrombie alot so he came to my mind really quick.

The Popularity King-Raymond Lam: hmmm... Another no brainer. Raymond Lam has that popularity glow around him. I think of him as the popular guy who may have won Homecoming King or Prom King. He also seems to have that spark that makes him look like a ladies man popular among the girls.

The Popularity Queen-Bernice Liu: We all also know "the popularity queen" after all she is popular. I think Bernice fits this role perfectly because she's pretty, talented, social, and popular. She is the picture of Homecoming Princess or Prom Queen because she does somewhat exude this image.
I Will Be Doing More Role Depictions, If You Have A Role You want me To Do Let me Know.

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Comments on ">>> TVB Senior High School <<<"


Anonymous kalvinj said ... (11:18 AM) : 

Good on you!

Thanks for the site. I made my first million.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:46 AM) : 

You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.


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