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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Who I think Will Win Best Actor In 2007...

I know, I know, how do I have predictions so early in the year. After all its only January but this is just an insight to what I had on my mind.

My Top 2 Predictions Are: Moses Chan or Bobby Au-Yeung. Why? Ada Choi. Whoever is on the page as her on the annual TVB calendar seems to be rubbed off with some good luck to win Best Actor. If you're superstitious then you'll might find this interesting.
TVB 2004 Calendar: This picture was shot late October of 2003 and about a month later Roger Kwok won Best Actor at the TVB Anniversary awards. he also won again at the 38th annual TVB Anniversary Award.

TVB Calendar 2005: This was shot early Novemeber 2004, and about two weeks after the photo shoot Bowie Lam won Best Actor at the 37th Annual TVB Anniversary Award.

TVB 2006 Calendar: Ada Choi & Kevin Cheng were featured on the same month along with other artistes. The "Ada Effect" strikes again when Kevin won Best Actor at TVB's 39th Anniversary Awards.

If The "Ada Effect" Strikes One More Time: Ada was featured on the same month with three other male artistes on the 2007 calendar, Raymond Cho, Bobby Au-Yeung, and Moses Chan. I doubt Raymond cho will win so I think based on superstition either its going to be either Bobby or Moses. For some reason I think its Moses's year.

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Comments on "Who I think Will Win Best Actor In 2007..."


Blogger hithere05 said ... (9:35 PM) : have good observation, Asia!! :) ;)

I also think it's Moses year too (I also wrote that in your blog's comments earlier too), unless there is other serie leading by other famous actor and the ratings do very well.

If Moses cannot/won't receive the "Best Actor" Award, then I would like Joe to win besides Moses, but I don't know if "The Drive of Life" will be air this year or not??

Also, Joe has more negative rumors and Moses are more "obedient" to TVB and they like that.

Moses' performance also has improved over the years. :)


Blogger xomgxitsxlilix said ... (11:15 PM) : 

I want Bobby to win. I've always liked his acting, usually because hes so funny and all that. But after watching dicey business, it shows that he can play characters are that very sad, etc. But then the year just started, so i can never predict these things.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:33 PM) : 

I think it might be true either Bobby or Moses the Ada effect xD


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:09 PM) : 

LoL... wow.. u have awesome observation!! ~i didnt evn notice....

hmm... if "The Ada Affect" actualli works.. i'm guess next year would Steven Ma or Michael Miu... =P


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