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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

>> Asia's Blog: Current Controversies <<

Yeah... About These TVB Ratings...

Ratings Report ( 22/05/2006 - 28/05/2006 )

1. Trimming Success ( EPS 06 - 10 ) - 32 PTS Peaking at 34 PTS
2. The Dance Of Passion ( EPS 16 - 20 ) - 32 PTS Peaking at 33 PTS
3. Beautiful Cooking - 30 PTS Peaking at 32 PTS
4. Welcome To The House ( EPS 31 - 35 ) - 29 PTS
5. On The Load - 28 PTS
6. Big Heart, Small Heart - 28 PTS
7. Gourmet Power Zoom II - 25 PTS
8. Justice To All - 24 PTS
9. Scoop - 22 PTS
10. Stephen's Daily ( EPS 05 ) - 20 PTS
11. Jade Solid Gold - 16 PTS

*Credit To Kitson*

What About Them?: These ratings are a little hard to understand. I kept my lips sealed for the last couple weeks about why DOP ratings keep on dropping because I havent yet seen it, I never downoad grand productions because they're just too long. I'm glad to see it improving from 31 to 32 this week though. I've heard nothing but good things the first week it came out, but now alot of people are saying the plot is dragging, & boring.

This week's rating probably made ATV pretty happy, because they just began airing "Central Affairs 2". The irony of the ratings is pretty clear. Trimming Success, originally a warehouse series is now beating a very high profile grand production. As much as I love Kevin, I actually kinda want DOP to do better because I've been anticipating DOP for so long, and really dont want it to be a disappointment. I really want to hear your view on DOP. I guess only time will tell now...

"If You Dont Have Nothing Nice To Say, Say Nothing At All..."

"Earlier Kenneth Chan Kai Tai boldly said that the female cast of "Dance of Passion" were all old. Michelle said that Ken has his own opinions and often she would consult his opinion on various matters for work. Michelle also said that she thinks the female cast of DOP are all beautiful. "
-Excerpt From Recent News-Credit To Jayne

Keeping Your Manners At Home?: I cant believe Kenneth Chan said that. That was totally uncalled for, & absolutely disrespectful. This guy used to be a TVB artiste and now just for self promotion of his series, he disrespected his former collegues, escpecially Ada & Maggie who I remember doing series with him. Michelle's comment made his sound less provoking but I still cant believe he was that much of a jerk. ATV artistes lack respect, you dont see Moses & Bowie calling Michelle & Pinky fat or ugly.

So what if they're old? People dont watch series for young actresses otherwise why would they even need acting classes just put a bunch of high school girls on TV. They're not old by the way. Ada, Charmaine, and Gigi are in their early & mid 30's, and Maggie just turn 40 last year, but still looks amazing for her slimming ads. The nerve of that guy, I hope he realized that he made enemies with one of biggest combined fan base...

Comments on ">> Asia's Blog: Current Controversies <<"


Blogger ada4eva said ... (10:54 PM) : 

Why would you say such a thing? Old? They are all talented and beautiful. He needs to shut his mouth and go look in the mirror. He looks like my grandpa and he's sayin they look OLD?! Thanks to Michelle Ye for saying what is right! Yes they are all beautiful!


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