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Sunday, May 21, 2006

"TVB-G Recasting-Friends":
Friends is one of my favorite TV show outside of TVB. Its one of the funniest show ever, too bad it ended already. I would love for the show to be remade by TVB, but I sadly think they will never remake it though. But if they ever do I really hope they cast people base on who's right for the roles and not favoritism within the company. I think if they do the show right, I think it would be a really funny show. Here's my take on who should play the characters in Friends.

*Rachel-Jessica Hsaun: Who better to play Rachel than the Hong Kong Jennifer Anniston. She's beautiful, sophisticated, and attention grabbing like Rachel. Nonetheless, I think Jessica has great comedic skill to add into the mix like Jennifer did. Also, hey both kinda look alike at an angle.

*Phoebe-Cutie Mui: This was a tough one since Phoebe's character called for someone with an awsome comedic skills. It was down to Rain Lau or Cutie Mui, and I think made the better decision to cast Cutie for the role. Eversince VOH I, Cutie caught my attention as one of the most bubbly, and cuckie actresses I've ever seen perfect for the role of Phoebe.

*Monica-Bondy Chiu: Monica's character is humorous and compulsive, always striving for perfection. I think Bondy Chiu is the one for this role as Monica. Bondy's performance in both VOH demonstrated to me that she will do Monica's role justice. Plus she shares alot resemblances.

*Ross-Kevin Cheng: Ross is geeky, dorky, but funny because of it. Ross is also very level headed, and intelligent. I picked Kevin Cheng to play Ross, because role fits him perfectly simliar to his role as Alan in UTCOL if he added some comedy into the mix. Besides that he is only one that came to mind when recasting Ross because none of the other TVB actors I could think of is right for the role of Ross. Is it me or they also look alike at an angle.

*Joey-Moses Chan: Joey is the male Friends with with the best comedic skills. I was stuck on whether I should pick Bobbby Au-Yeung or Moses Chan. I ended up deciding on Moses, because Bobbby just isn't right for the role. Moses actually is a very funny guy if you seen him in interviews, he also did an awsome comedic job in The Gentle Crackdown. There's something about the way Moses looks that makes me think that is meant to play Joey.

*Chandler-Michael Tse: Funny man Michael Tse is perfect for the role of Chandler. Who else better to play Chandler? Chandler is funny in the way that he tries to be funny. Michael Tse is right for the role because of his comedic skill similar to Matthew Perry's.

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