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Monday, June 26, 2006

.: TVB Releases Official Mr. HK Potraits/Videos :.

The Competition Heating Up: This year's Mr. HK is finally kicking into gear. TVB finally updates the official site with Potraits/Intro Videos. Contestant's profile are also up, Click HERE to view their profiles (Chinese). Alot of the contestants are very cute, its just the portraits kinda make them look weird, the press pictures are actually better. I actually have a handful of favorites, unlike the MHK (Low Standards). Number 9, Gordon Yeung, & Francois Wong shown on your left are two of my favorites. Their English names were also revealed, please restraint from laughing too hard. Come on, whats up with names like Kitterick Yiu and Fury Wong.

*Make sure to Check Out their two short group Intro Video I uploaded to Youtube. They actually look alot better in the video, alot more dashing.*
>>The Style Group-English Names (From Left To Right Moving Downwards): Francois Wong, Bryan Pun, Kitterick Yiu (lol), Larry Chan, Gordon Yeung, Fury Wong (HeHe...), & Johnny Lam.

>>The Fitness Group-English Names: Otto Chan, Kelvin Leung, Kenneth Wong, Bernie Ho, Maurice Siu (Looks a little scary in this portrait), Billy Lam, & Ronald Leung.

*I'll do more Mr. HK updates later since its fast approaching on July 8th and the MHK will be held alot later on August 12th.*

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