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Saturday, June 24, 2006

::: Dependent Look Alikes / Asia's Two Pennies :::

Brief Intro: I'm finally catching up with this feature with some more look alikes. This week's look alikes are what I called dependent look alikes this means whether they look alike or not, it depends. Usually on the angle of the photo when taken. Also added some commentaries of my views on these artistes while we are conviniently on the subject like I did for the Elaine Yiu & Niki Chow look alike. You might agree with what I say or you might not.

  • Hard To Get Kate Tsui & Likeable Nancy Wu: Kate looks so much like Nancy that picture that I actually thought it was in the wrong forum thread, and it belong in Nancy's, but turns out it was really Kate. I think its because of their similar features.

  • My Two Pennies On Kate: Kate is hard to get. In the beginning you might not make much of her, you might even ponder why she was a Miss Hong Kong. Truth is, I did too. Soon after I realized that Kate keeps you interested. Her rumours with Leon Lai, tripping when relinquishing her MHK title, and the recent scandal of her talking about sex on the radio, she knows how to grab your attention. Her acting is also quite surprising good. Usually your first few acting jobs are horrible but Kate was actually not that bad in WRTL & LFD.

  • My Two Pennies on Nancy: Nancy is very likable, but I dont why TVB doesnt promote her. At a certain point Nancy & Leila were at the same place, but now Leila is so far ahead of her. It happen so fast you dont even realize it. Nancy is dating Deep Ng now, and is actually getting bigger role, so I guess she's progressing but I have to admit very slowly.

  • Youthful Shirley Yeung & Just Plain Tracy Ip: Tracy looks so much Shirley in that picture. I think its in the eyes, and her lip also resemble Shirley's.

  • My Two Pennies On Shirley: You all know I feel about Shirley, and sleeping beauty status. I have to add this though, is it me or Shirley looks so young in series? Its like she's teenage. Especially in The Bitter Bitten and Au Revoir Shanghai.

  • My Two Pennies On Tracy Ip: If you guys dont know her, I dont blame you. She pretty, but that's about it. She's so boring. Even though she won last year's MHK, I find her losing out in terms of charm and personality to competitors like Erica Yeun & Shermon Tang. Everything about Tracy seems so rehersed or staged, and nothing really from her especially in interviews. Her fan base is so small compared to Shermon, even companies looking for MHK endorsements are not impress by her. She caught my attention for a minute with her rumoured relationship with Don Li.

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