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Monday, September 04, 2006

>>> Sleep Deprivation <<<

zZZ Just a brief commentary about the health & lifestyle of artistes while filming. I read these two articles about Raymond & Ron this week. The Raymond article talked about when he was filming a kissing scene with Yoyo Mung, and he revealed that he hasn't had any sleep in the last 40 hours! And Ron's article talked about how he had to work during his birthday with filming ended at 2:30 AM and he had to start filimg again at 6:30, leaving him barely 4 hours to sleep. This is scary how the filming schedule is plan. I think this how all TVB series are filmed. Thats why singers try to avoid filming series unless they really want to get on TVB's good side, plus they dont get pay that well.

I think I might get by on 4 hours of sleep like Ron if I've gotten used to it & its part of my work. However, I think Raymond is just exaggerating it alittle. If any of you have taken psychology, you would know that if you go 35-50 hours without sleep, your mind starts to slowly give up its regular functions and you begin hallucinating. If you get pass the 40 hours mark you most likely will past out on your own fairly soon.

Only big name artistes are able to request sleeping time. Adam Cheng is guaranteed 8 hours of sleep by TVB. I also think Liza Wang also has a similar deal. Lydia Shum had like 10 hours back when she was still filming. Charmaine said she was able to get 6 hours of sleep in China while filming LWOLAP and that sounds good to me because thats how many hours I'm getting now.
Maybe thats another reason why so many artistes are turning to Mainland companies.

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