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Thursday, September 21, 2006

>>> Top Model Meets TVB PART I <<<

. : ANTM Fever! My obssession with America's Next Top Model starts again with the new season already begining. I really love this show, I incorporated the show into my posts before and this time I'm trying to incorporate photo shoots with the models with photos of TVB stars. I was so surprise I was able to find so many. I had to split it into 3 different parts or even more. I found that the pictures in the next couple posts will be more intetresting so stay tuned. I also have a pretty cool video I found for ANTM fans. I understand this how is broadcast in over 130 countries, and there are also spin off shows like Britain, Canada, Germany, & Australia's Next Top Model so I think most people will know the show. Now on with the Feature:

-Alter Ego: Masculine Vs. Feminine- I love this photo of Eva (Winner of ANTM 3), I think I did do a mini spotlight in the past with this picture and Anne Heung's version. This time I found another picture of the M vs. F type theme, this one is with Niki Chow and her Supermodel sister Kathy Chow. Its so weird to see Niki dressed up as a man.

. :The Bald Is Beautiful Collection: Love these bald photos, I think its amazing that they can look so pretty without hair. I really like Gina's picture, I think its the only picture I like of her, if you dont remember she is the confused Korean girl). I also like Sarah's picture. I think Moses Chan is so cute bald, I really think he looks fresh & youthful without hair. I think he can take on these bald poses as well, after all he is model turned actor.

. : Spunky Mohawk Pose- Naima Vs. Ada: I really like this picture of Naima (Winner of ANTM 4), I think its so spunky and kinda punk with the really cool "shehawk" (A feminine version of a mohawk). When I saw Ada sporting a Shehawk I thought it was so cool that the photos really resemble each other. These two pictures just shows so much personality.

>>> PART I Finale-FIERCE!!!! Tyra Vs. Moses: Former male model turned actor Moses Chan takes on World Class Supermodel Tyra Banks in this pose off. Both are working this ultra fierce angle as well as almost the exact same pose. Both showing skin and working the firey red element in the picture. As Tyra puts it "Both of them worked it, and both of them rocked it." Awsome pictures!!

Comments on ">>> Top Model Meets TVB PART I <<<"


Blogger doozy said ... (2:18 AM) : 

wah~ I like ANTM as well! woot woot....nice "meeting" a fellow fan.
out of all the winners, i think my fav would have to be naima.
the season premiere was good. some really crazy get ready for some drama..heehee


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