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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Women's Weight In The Media & Today's Society

Did you get the memo? Thin Is In, but how thin is just too thin? The media have been influencing how women view what is the ideal weight. One of the hardship of being a woman is pleasing society's standards like how you should look or how many pounds you should lose. Lets face it, as ridiculous as it was before they raised the bar & lowered the ideal weight, 0 is the new 2 while 2 is the new 4, and anything below doesn't exist.

I sit at lunch with girls who read Vogue magazine while they're drinking green tea & eating celery sticks just to try to lose some weight. I'm a size 4 and feel like I'm a hippo just sitting next to them. Of course I feel the pressure to be like them & go down to a size 2 but there is no way I'm starving myself. I've learn to be comfortable in my own skin & not conforming to society's standards.

Why I Think "Fei Tin" Is Sending The Wrong Message.

Dont get me wrong. I do not think Myolie Wu is sending the wrong message, but I think the series & its concept of filming is sending people the wrong message. People remember its moral values maybe for about second because the storyline was really bad. The thing everyone is fixated on is Myolie Wu's weight gain for the role. I think there is huge misconception there. Even though its a common thing in Hollywood for actors to gain weight to fit a role, its always been done very tastefully. Fei Tin's weight gain was not. It wasn't just her weight but also Jack Wu's & Selena Li's weight loss.

I was so mad when I read this message in the forum from this guy that wrote "I think Myolie should have won the award because she sacrificed her beauty for the role by gaining weight." Sacrificed her beauty?! She sacrifced but what are you trying to say about people her size & bigger? Are they so ugly because they're fat that its a sacrificed to look to them for a couple months!? Sad to said he's not the only one that have said this & its become a mainstream statement. I think Myolie gaining weight as an actress was a challenge, but its not commendable because its not healthy for you to do that. For reason I'm just really afraid that there is a twelve year old girl out there who is a Myolie Wu fan starving herself because she saw Myolie gaining weight & shedding all of it off as soon as possible.

But Hey, for $998 HK you can look like Myolie after she lost all those awful weight. <= Extreme Sarcasm.

Current Event: Tyra Banks Fat?

I really do have a great deal of respect for retired Supermodel Tyra Banks. She's a woman who always have struggled with her weight & she had to deal with it in the eye of the media. Tabloid magazines have printed a picture of her in a bikini & proclaimed her a fat mess. Tyra have said young girls send her mail telling her she's beautiful because she isn't stick thin & that she is their size and its makes them good about themself for once. But when the media called Tyra fat, how do think that makes them feel?

Her message to media on her show was awsome! I thought ending statement was very touching. PLEASE watch this video.

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Comments on "Women's Weight In The Media & Today's Society"


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