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Thursday, February 15, 2007

>> Currently ^NOT SUPPOSED TO BE Watching <<

Devil's Disciple

I totally blew off all my homeworks & studying today and watched [DD] instead. God, this happens everytime a Kevin series is released. And only four episodes have been released so I have a feeling I'm going to blow off alot more work. I'm supposed to do this everytime. The series is good. I'm in love with the Wuxia type genre so I really like it but those who aren't into these type of series might find the special effects & fighting scenes a bit too much.

Bosco dominates in screentime. It was said Bosco & Kevin were equal leads at the time but I knew it wasn't true because Kevin just bail out of filming Land of Wealth causing rumors that TVB wasn't happy with him so I knew he couldn't just take the lead. This was Bosco's first leading role (He filmed it before The Price of Greed).

I thought it was really unfair to put Bosco in so many scenes with Wayne Lai because Wayne's acting overpowered Bosco's because he delivers his lines, uses his eyes, & facial expressions alot better than Bosco. Bosco had so many scenes with him because Wayne plays his mentor but Wayne is so experience that Bosco is somewhat overshadowed.

So far Bernice doesn't have as much screentime as Bosco either but atleast she appeared already. Sharon just appeared & she only had a couple minutes onscreen since while Shirley Yeung's character hasn't enter the series yet. I thought it was funny seeing Patricia Liu in this series with such a small role. This was her last series with TVB. She's now a leading actress over at ATV. Ah, how the tables have turned... Maybe the grass is greener on the other fence for Patricia.

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