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Monday, June 25, 2007

Fever/Alive Not Dead/MHK

I Came Down With A Little Illness. Nothing serious, just Daniel Wu fever. After working all week, my friend invited me to her party and I ended staying at her house. I helped her cleaned and she insisted that I watched a Daniel Wu film. I was reluctant at first because I wasn't really a Daniel Wu fan, for some reason he always rubbed me off as a playboy that's a little cocky. But after seeing his acting I was very impress, he is extremely skilled actor. After reading his blog, I also found out he's pretty down to earth also. After this, I think I will watch Naked Weapon and Enter The Phoenix, and maybe The Banquet because it has Daniel+Huang Xiao Ming. Did anyone see The Heavenly Kings? How is it?

ALIVE Not Dead. I Highly recommend you guys visit this site called Alive Not Dead, it was started initially as just an official site for the band Alive, but I discovered its really an interesting site that hosts several artists and their Blog & Photos. Blogs from some notable people like Andrew Lin, Daniel Wu, Jet Li, Rapper-Jin, Josie Ho, International Actress-Kelly Hu, Supermodel Lisa S. & Rosemary, Terrence Yin, and many more. I would describe the site format to be like a celeb myspace with stars that mostly appeal to younger generations.

I found that Aimee Chan's site blog to be most interesting. She's Miss Hong Kong 2006. On the site she posts personal pictures and expresses herself freely, really being herself. If you go to her discussion forum at the site, she actually answers and interact with fans at the site. This is truly an interesting site.

This Year's Miss Hong Kong: Ehhh... This year's Miss Hong Kong contestants didn't live up to its hype. This year is Hong Kong 10th anniversary return to China and the promotion this year was really big but it only yielded a couple good contestants. I found the Top Four Contender to be:

No. 7-Loretta Chow (5'9): She's the Flora Chan look alike mention in the news I believe. I think she's the best out of the group. (Left)

No. 2-Lily Ho (5'5): She's the Gigi Lai lok alike that is getting alot of hype in the news. I find that she looks nothing like Gigi Lai. However, with all this attention on her, she's pretty much guaranteed a contract with TVB and she will be this year's Suki Chui. (Right)

No. 12-Nicole Lee (5'5): I think she has good potential, she's pretty. I like her because she's the only one that put Internet as a hobby which is one of mine. (Left)
No. 8-Janis Leung (5'4): She has potential, she stands out from the group because she's exude sex appeal in her eyes without it being trashy as appose to the 'cute' pictures from the other girls. (Right)

-Credit To MHK Gallery For the Pictures-

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Comments on "Fever/Alive Not Dead/MHK"


Blogger sehseh said ... (12:10 AM) : 

Great to learn that you like Daniel! Goes to prove that we share good taste in men. hahahaha..

Anyway, avoid Naked Weapon at all cost! You will thank me for it.

My recommendation:
Purple Storm (1999) *****
Love Undercover (2002)
Love Undercover 2: Love Mission (2003)
One Nite In Mongkok (2004)
New Police Story (2004)
Beyond Our Ken (2004)
Drink Drank Drunk (2005)
The Heavenly Kings (2006)
Protégé (2007)

I haven't watched these but it's on my to do list:
Bishonen (1998) - I'm dying to get my hands on his debut movie. But not available in Malaysia... :(
Beijing Rocks (2001)
Missed this on TV. Darn!
Night Corridor (2003)
Enter the Phoenix (2004)
The Banquet (2006)
I actually wanted to watch this but not keen seeing ZZY here.
Ming Ming(2007)

Anyway, I must tell you that Daniel have a fair share of cheesy flicks (hey, actors need to eat too!) so it depends on the genre you prefer.

Before he started ALIVE, he actually have his own hotmail newsletter which he wrote articles regularly abt his current project and travels. He also reply emails sent to him. That is in the past but we can understand that he have grown busy these days.


Blogger Asia Choi said ... (12:55 AM) : 

OMG!!! I saw Bishonen! I saw that! Such a sad story. Thank you so much for the recommendation.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:38 AM) : 

good taste!


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