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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

TVB Artist's English Names-Just What Do They Really Mean?

Ever met anyone who had to pick a name for their baby? If you have, they would probably tell you its one of the hardest thing to do. Some in my had to and I found out that almost every baby nursery/hospital has a book for new parents to pick their baby's name, but most people nowadays make up weird names so their baby would be unique. By the way, some of the English names I hear of on TVB Dramas are ridiculous, for exmaple-Candy, Sugar, Apple, ... Seriously, who would name their baby that? Well, Gweneth Paltrow named her baby Apple, but lets hope nobody named their kid Sugar (From VOH II).

The topic of names spark my interest to find out what some of TVB star's names really mean. With the help of I looked up alot of artist's names. I also added some commentaries on stuff like whether the name really fits the star or just basic opinion of the name. Also, as predicted names like Myolie, Bosco, and Kenix weren't even listed as real names. By the way, C = Commentary.


Kevin (Kevin Cheng) --Meaning: Beautiful at birth -- Origin: Gaelic
C: I personally agree with the name, its very fitting. I would name my kid Kevin.

Bernice (Bernice Liu) -- Meaning: Victory bringer -- Origin: Greek
C: Although Bernice hasn't brought home victory with any TVB Awards, she's definitely brought home a Victory in terms of her popularity.

Ron (Ron Ng) -- Meaning: Ruler with counsel -- Origin: Norse
C: Huh??... lol

Linda (Linda Chung) -- Meaning; Pretty --- Origin: Spanish
C: Umm... No Comment from me. No offense.

Steven (Steven Ma) -- Meaning: Crown -- Origin: Greek
C: Crown, sounds very royal. Nice meaning.

Ada (Ada Choi) -- Meaning: Noble kind; of the noble sort -- Origin: Germanic
C: Very interesting, very fitting to Ada's character.

Gigi (Gigi Lai) -- Meaning: Earth worker -- Origin: Greek
C: Hummm... I'm not sure what Earth worker is so supose to mean so I can't really comment on it.

Charmaine (Charmaine Sheh) -- Meaning: N/A -- Origin: Latin
C: I thought that Charmaine would be one of the names not listed. However it doesn't have a meaning, but atleast it has an origin.

Raymond (Raymond Lam) -- Meaning: Advice; decision protector -- Origin: Germanic
C: So many people in the industry are name Raymond. I guess by its meaning, if you ever need advice Raymond is your guy.

Moses (Moses Chan) -- Meaning: Drawn out of the water -- Origin: Hebrew
C: This a very traditional name based on biblical roots, I think its a good name.

Maggie (Maggie Cheung Ho Yee) -- Meaning: Pearl -- Origin: Pearl
C: Sounds very classy, I think its fitting.

Michelle (Michelle Ye) -- Meaning: Who Is Like God? -- Origin: Hebrew
C: I couldn't believe Michelle's meaning is a question. Strange. Michelle would be the rumour & gossip god.

Shirley (Shirley Yeung) -- Meaning: Bright grassland -- Origin: English
C: By its meaning I dont I think I would name my kid Shirley.

Sharon (Sharon Chan) -- Meaning: The Plains -- Origin: Hebrew
C: Like Shirley, its too landscapish...

If want search up any other TVB stars I miss just visit:

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