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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I've been really busy, as usual I know. This week is actually mid-term for me so I've been studying my butt off to make the grades. But today I really tired & fed up of study so I took a 3 hour break to update. I'm watching couple TVB series so I'll do a smal write up about them, afterwards I'm watching America's Next Top Model.

Currently Watching: I shouldn't say currently because I haven't watched any of these lately but I'll pick up watching this weekend once I'm done with everything.

I'm watching a couple of series like Devil's Disciple & The Brink of Law. [DD] episodes 17-18 are apparently out, too bad havent found time to watch them yet. I cant wait to finish the series. So far episodes 1-16 one character in particular really irritates me COUGH*Bosco's. I've been discussing it with memebers at Metal's VOH forum, if you're interested come join us. Dont worry I'll explain why he frustrates me in a later post all about [DD].

I'm also rewatching Man's Best Friend with Louis Koo, Jessica Hsuan, Sammi Cheng, Jerry Lam, & Lee San San. I saw it when I was like 11-12 years old so its basicly like watching a new series because I don't remember anything. Its such a sweet & funny series, I really like it. Louis Koo looks so much different back then. I like his look back then more, very round, youthful, & soft. These past few years he started to look really weird, his tan isn't natural looking anymore-it looks really orange. And his hair is kinda bleach orange looking as well. He's not as round with the soft look anymore because his face is so define that it looks "boney" like he had plastic surgery. I'll also tell ya how this series turns out.

Man's Best Friend THEME VIDEO:


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