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Friday, March 16, 2007

Currently Impress With These 3 Ladies

So much to do so little time. I was very busy with school and a couple of personal & social problems so sorry I couldn't update. But I finally have a little break off of school. Hopefully I can start on Life Art, & finish Man's Best Friend.

Well, lets move on. Despite what somewhat think I pay attention to all artistes and not just Kevin & all the good looking actors. I have to say in the past few months I have been impress by three actresses in particular even though they aren't well known leading actresses. These three ladies are Selena Li, Shirley Yeung, and Sharon Chan.

Selena Li-She impressed initially in the Herbalist's Manual . It was pretty hard to carry a series with almost as much screentime as Michelle Ye when you're a newcomer who only have been acting for like 1-2 years during filming. But that was a really long time ago.

In terms of recent she impress me alot in Face To Fate, she improved alot. She was very confident in her acting and she no longer seem like a newcomer. Her character was very likeable yet pityful, it contributed to why she was well like. Her good chemistry with Raymond Lam also was an added bonus. She also really impress me in To Grow With Love. She was very charming. Her acting improved even more. I remember there was one scene when Selena found out the girl Matthew Ko was always referring to was his grandma so she burst out in joy, and somehow she made her face turn red. I was just thinnking that's really good acting when you're able to blush for acting effect. She's an extremely sweet & pretty girl who can really act so I hope TVB will promote her. Can't wait to see her in The Seventh Day.

Shirley Yeung-Shirley for me was never really an actress that I was extremely excited to see, but more of actress that served as a familar face to see in series. But recently she has been on fire for me. Her acting in The Price of Greed was excellent. She wasn't able to speak out her lines onscreen because her character is a mute but she manages to use her expressions very well. There was a scene when Bosco & Kingdom Yeun left her to help Kate and she was still working the Congee Restaraunt & she cried due to all the pressure. Her crying was amazing. It was so emotional. I didn't know if her sign language is accurate or not but she was able convince me that everything was 100% correct.

Her role in The Brink of Law also impress me. She was very good at being evil. It was nice to see her in a new light outside of the normal cute & sweet role she usually gets. She was a good villain & a very interesting series Vixen.

Sharon Chan-I always like Sharon but there weren't any one role she had that was spectacular. The only one that was remotely close to that was her role in The Charm Beneath. Recently in Glittering Days she slightly impress me but it didn't really leave a deep impression. Recently I finished watching Devil's Disciple. Originally I was only looking forward to Shirley & Bernice, but I ended up excited to see Sharon. She did an awsome job. She had a really big role in this series. Her character made me pity her in the beginning, and her tragic ending left a deep impression. She stopped filming series a couple months back to join the sitcom Welcome To The House, now that it has ended I hope she will return to filming series.


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