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Thursday, March 22, 2007

>> Hot Male Newcomers <<

The days when Bosco Wong & Kenneth Ma were newcomers, and Ron Ng was King of the Newcomers are long over. A new breed male newcomers have arrived. Some of which are extremely fresh faces and some of which are familiar faces that are now getting bigger roles.

What It Takes: Good looks are essential. Acting skills may always be improved after all they’re newcomers, we don’t really expect a Oscar Award winning performance from them. Height is now crucial to be an actor. The new breed of actresses are much taller than back then, Linda Chung, Sharon Chan, & Bernice Liu are some examples of how things have change. No longer will the norm for actress be 5’3-5’5, but 5’6-5’8, maybe even 5’9. Actors must now be between 5’8-6 foot atleast, but not too tall that it looks awkward.

TVB Loves Foreign & Overseas Men: Most of the hot newcomers I’m going to name are “foreign” and are from overseas countries. Matthew Ko & Fred Cheng are both from Canada. Stephen Huynh & Francois Huynh were both born in France & of Vietnamese descent in the mix. Rocky Cheng of course is mix Chinese & Caucasian. TVB loves the fact that talents now come from abroad. And I really the diversity.

Finding Talents Through Mr. Hong Kong: Everyone doubted me when I said Mr. HK would bring some good men into the industry, but now look at all these newcomers Mr. HK has produced. Matthew Ko, Stephen Huynh, Rocky Cheng, Francois Huynh, & TVB Host Otto Can are just some of the new bloods TVB found through Mr. HK. This now levels the playing field for the women & MHK. Its officially going overseas this year so if any male readers are interested….

Matthew Ko: Mr. Hong Kong 2005. He just appeared in To Grow With Love and people are fond of him now. His acting is actually pretty good considering he’s only been acting for a year or two. He appears in the TVB Calendar for the second year in a row so its clear TVB is promoting him. His roles are actually pretty big for a newcomer because he was Mr. HK. He’s 6’1, that’s just a little tall to be an actor because right now all the actresses he’s work with must look up to talk to him & he kinda has to tilt his head down, but its not a major problem.

Stephen Huynh (Wong Cheung Hing): They say French is the language of love so a lot of people find his French accent to such a traditional language as Cantonese very romantic & sexy. Stephen was a Mr. HK finalist in 2005. TVB is also promoting him by giving him bigger & bigger roles. I think he’s dashing & his body is amazing, no wonder advertisers & sponsors love him. I just saw him in the Pok Oi Charity Show, his Cantonese has improved ALOT. He looked really sharp playing Michael Miu when he was young in DB, he kinda resembles him.

Rocky Cheng: I’m not really fond of Rocky, but I think he’s going to be really big in the Supporting class. Afterall, there isn’t that many actors left supporting , I mostly just see Kenny Wong all the time. Rocky doesn’t appeal to the 18-29 demographic but more towards the 30-45 group. The OL-Office Ladies are we refer to them as.

Francois (Fran-Swa) Huynh : Stephen Huynh’s younger brother, TVB is marketing them as a brotherly duo. I think TVB sees the same marketability in Francois as they did in Michelle Ye. TVB always praised Michelle for being fluent in English, Cantonese, & Mandarin. I was reading Francois’s Mr. World profile, he speaks English, Spanish, French, & Mandarin fluently. That’s extremely impressive. I read he’s working on perfecting his Cantonese to pursue acting, being fluent in 5 languages would be truly talented.

Stephen Wong Ka Lok: He’s often confused with Stephen Huynh & Jimmy Wong Ka Lok, the HK male supermodel. His acting is actually pretty good. TVB is giving him bigger & bigger roles. He’s good looking, and I think he has great potential. All he needs is better roles.

Frederick Cheng a.k.a. Fred Cheng: Really like him. This guy is extremely easy on the eyes. The camera loves him because its clear he has the classic good looks. But besides being handsome, I think his acting is also very good. He did an really good job in Forensic Heroes. The romantic rumors of him and Winnie Sum might have affected him getting bigger roles, after all TVB sees those reports as bad press. But the rumors have stop. ( Winnie Sum is now linked with Matthew Ko.)

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Comments on ">> Hot Male Newcomers <<"


Blogger kate said ... (6:23 PM) : 


u know what, i'd like 2 know who the guy that is joey leung's brother in Heavenly In-Laws is...i've started seeing him in supporting roles in lots of tvb series these days. i think he's also got potential cuz he's cute AND he's a good actor too!!! he was also the shy tailor in Glittering Days (that later dated the girl that had a crush on Roger). i think the 1st time saw him was in Summer Heat, as Margaret Chung's rebellious step-son.


Blogger Asia Choi said ... (6:44 PM) : 

I know who you're talking about but I dont know his name either.


Blogger hithere05 said ... (8:48 PM) : 

To Kate: He is also in "The Academy" with Ron, Tavia, Sammul, and Fiona Sit. His role was the police's cadet and in the same class with Ron and Sammul.

His dad was a very high raking police officer, but it's sad to see him cannot complete the training.

To Asia: I like your new features :). Fred can act and I noticed him in "Love Bond" when he acted as Bernice's and Kenix's brother.

Stephen Wong (Francoi's bro) has very nice body :).

I did not know Matthew is very tall??woww...I thought he is shorter than 6 ft.

The other Stephen Wong is cute and I also noticed him in "Love Bond" too.

Francois is cute too :).


Anonymous Wing said ... (1:16 AM) : 

Is it Oscar Chan, the guy that kate talked about? The guy with buch teeth in WFH? haha

Somehow it looks like TVB will promote Matthew Ko and Stephen Hyunh this year - in the dancing series with Bernice, even though compared to others they are quite new, entering in 2005.

While people like Stephen Wong and Fred Cheng have been around for 5-6 years already, but are still playing supporting roles even though they are very cute. Oscar Leung is another one that is in the category as Fred and Stephen Wong. Maybe because their face is too cute and boyish to pair up with leading actresses haha just kidding..


Blogger hithere05 said ... (3:36 PM) : 

Yep, it's Oscar Chan and I forgot to type his name...only typed which series he starred. He is also in "Heavenly-In-Laws" as Joey Leung's brother.

Yep, Oscar Leung is cute too. :)


Blogger kate said ... (3:40 PM) : 

oh, that's his name. thanks, every1!! anyway, hope 2 see him in more series. oh, right, i forgot he was in the academy, too!! the really stressed out guy cuz he didn't want 2 be a policeman. haha.


Blogger Asia Choi said ... (4:12 PM) : 

Thank you for his name. I think he's really cute too. I think I'll spotlight him in a later post.


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