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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

>> Hot Newcomers: The Ladies <<

2007 will bring many things, including hot newcomers. I’m going to define what my definition of a hot newcomer is. They aren’t necessary hot as in exuding sex appeal which some do but more like hot as in they’re moving fast & will make their mark. A newcomer doesn’t necessarily mean that they really new & they‘ve only been acting for a couple months to a year. Kenneth Ma was acting for more than 2 years before he was even labeled a newcomer. I will name 8 ladies & I’m almost sure by the end of the year half of them will have people buzzing. I don’t necessarily like all of them and I bet you don’t either, but if they’re a hot newcomer than we’ll have to deal with them.

I didn’t include Linda Chung & Kate Tsui because they both have lead a series so it would negate the point that they will soon make it big & making their mark.

Selena Li-I have express my opinion about her, with that being said, I would call her a hot semi-newcomer. She’s been in the industry since 2003, but she didn’t start acting until 2004. I feel that a lot of people still look at her as a newcomer, because they don‘t see a lot of her & some of her roles are kinda newcomer-ish . That’s why I’m keeping her in this category, but I have faith in her to pull off a breakthrough.

Natalie Tong-Another hot semi-newcomer. She was a host for K-100 for the beginning part of her career, she didn’t become a full time actress until it ended so people still see her as being new to acting. Her roles were kinda newcomer-ish as well. Her roles always seem to feed off of another character, for example she’s always one of the main character’s sister & her storyline just builds from there. But her role in The Seventh Day might change things.

Fala Chen-She’s in the news practically everyday. Being a big flirt & dressing sexy definitely helped out her career, lets face it, sex sells and there are a lot of men in Hong Kong. Because of her numerous rumors she was label as Michelle Ye II. Hey, Michelle Ye is quite a successful actress so I think she should take it as a compliment.
Vivien Yeo-I really like her. I think she’s such a sweet & pretty girl. I was pretty mad at TVB for giving all the big roles to Elaine Yiu instead her. I’m hearing she’s popular in Malaysia because she’s Malaysian so its definitely a plus (She was the MCI representative for Malaysia in 2004). She’s second female lead in Dayo Wong’s new series “Evil Kin”. His series are always a big hit so she catch a big break.

Suki Chui-If you thought Charmaine Sheh & Linda Chung were moving fast you have no idea. After competing in MHK last year Suki Tang signed a 5 year contract with TVB. And TVB wants to milk the most out of those five years & they’re developing her in a somewhat aggressive manner. After filming The Seventh Day just a couple months back, she is now working on a series where she is second female lead to Christine Ng. Will she be leading soon? Hope not, I’m not really that fond of her right now. Like Fala she’s also refer to as a flirt.

Shermon Tang-I like her, I think her acting is good & she is very likable. She’s full of personality. If you haven’t seen Welcome To The House then you most likely wont know her, but since the sitcom has ended I think she’ll make her move over to series. Since people in Hong Kong have seen her on TV for the last year, she’ll definitely have a good shot at fame. She English Tang’s daughter, and she has express she has ambition to make it as an actress so I applaud her because she’s not too money driven .

Erica Yuen-Another MHK contestant from 2005. She was labeled as the Selena Li of her year. She was moving pretty fast with roles in series and hosting E-Buzz, but after a picture scandal she seem to slow a bit. I like her, after reading her blog I feel that she is very down to earth. Her acting isn’t bad either. I think she’ll speed up again soon & progress.

Toby Leung-I’ve been keeping my eyes on Toby Leung. Although she’s a singer, she seems like she has her eyes on acting and I don’t think she’ll have any problems because her dad is a TVB Executive. We’ll see how things turn out. If after filming the Drive of Life she still is acting with TVB in another series, it will be clear she’s taking aim at TVB and wants to be a fa dan.

Up Next: Hot Male Newcomers. And I Mean HOT…

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Comments on ">> Hot Newcomers: The Ladies <<"


Blogger kate said ... (2:46 AM) : 

thanks! i really like this article. i've noticed all the new ppl, too...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:58 PM) : 

what picture scandel was erica yeun involved in?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:17 PM) : 

tvb did give vivian a big role.She is in sunshine heartbeat and she got the main female, but her acting is bad in sunshine heartbeat. Now i think she much better than when she was in sunshine heartbeat.


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