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Friday, March 02, 2007

>>> TVB Senior High PART II <<<

. : TVB Senior High School : .

Once again another TVB High School post. If you missed the last one just click on the “TVB High” tag at the end of the post.

The Girl Next Door-Leila Tong: The Girl Next Door is a name given to girls who are sweet, pretty, smart, and all around nice. They don’t necessary have to live next door to you, but that definitely have to grab your attention. There’s always one in each high school that we all know and love. I think Leila Tong fits this image because she seems like such a sweet , innocent, and intelligent girl that has that “IT” factor. She definitely has that likeability factor that also comes with the title. (The picture next to Leila is Haley from One Tree Hill, people often refer to her as the girl next door.)

The Cool Guy-Sammul Chan: The cool guy is that guy in high school who is soft spoken & mysterious yet there is something that makes him very appealing to the ladies. A lot of us think of “that guy” as the quiet handsome guy that leans against the lockers . Vin Choi’s character in Sunshine Heartbeat is a good example. I picked Sammul Chan because he exudes these qualities. I didn’t pick Bosco because I can’t really remember a time when he was ever quite & soft spoken. Sammul on the other hand shows a more reserved side. (The picture next to Sammul is Darien-Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon.)

The Youthful Girl-Shirley Yeung: This is a very common girl we might have seen in high school. The youthful girl is the girl that is maybe a senior but she still looks like young girl that might be in 8th or 9th grade because her face doesn’t seem to age. I chose Shirley Yeung because she still looks so young. Shirley was MHK 2001 and its 2007 yet when I look at the pictures she looks exactly the same. Its quite a big change from other actresses who look like they aged double the time they have been in the industry. (The picture next to Shirley is Shirley Temple, people say even when she got old she still looked a young girl.)

The Teacher’s Pet-Linda Chung: I think we all know what is a teacher pet. A lot of people actually suggested Linda is the Teacher’s Pet and I have to agree. Linda said that she was a nerd in high school who was kinda tomboyish & shy but I don’t know any shy & nerdy girl that would enter a pageant like MCI Vancouver & MCI at the age of about 18-19. I read she was in another pageant at an even younger age. But lets just say she used to be a nerd, nerds usually are teacher’s pets too. Linda is very well liked among executives & she gets opportunities other new actresses can only dream of so she does fit the image of teacher’s pet.

The Cheerleader-Gigi Lai: In movies Cheerleaders in high school are suppose the head of social hierarchy & are usually very charismatic. However, not all cheerleaders are stuck up & mean, its just a stereotype, I know a lot of cheerleaders & they are extremely friendly. I think Gigi is TVB High’s cheerleader. She’s the “#1 sister” at TVB along with Charmaine now that Jessica Hsuan left. And there is no doubt that Gigi is very is very charismatic. (The picture next to Gigi is Claire from Heroes, “Save The Cheerleader, Save The World” lol.)

The Principal-Virginia Lok Yi Ling: This one is pretty plain and simple. Ms. Lok is a TVB executive who is basicly in charge of the Artiste’s Department. She has the power to make you famous or decide to demote you. She is very well respected in the HK Entertainment industry. She’s is definitely the Principal at TVB High to all these artistes.

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