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Monday, March 12, 2007

Final Thoughts-Devil's Disciple


I just finish watching [DD]. The ending was... ehh... weird... Its definitely a bit on the looney side. This series disappointed me in the last 2-3 episodes. I almost never write much about a series but I'm really into this genre plus it has Kevin and cast members I really like so I'll do a mini review.

The plot was an OK plot for a 20 episodes series, its definitely no Jing Yong novel that's for sure. In this series you have to decipher who is the bad guy and who is the good guy. Even though Sharon's character is the leader of an "evil" clan, I consider her a good guy. I think it will easier if I give my opinion on the characters and the performances.

Sing Fung-Bosco Wong: Dear god, please give me the strength to explain why I hate his character so much without getting angry. Sing Fung has got to be the dumbest, most foolish, and annoying character I've seen in quite a while. I'm so glad alot of people also see this. Just like in Dicey Business, he admires his enemy while not taking things people around him say seriously. His shifu-Wayne Lai told him that Bernice's dad (Bat Tong Ngou) killed his master, Kevin told him that Bernice's dad also killed his mom, and lets get to Sharon. Sharon was almost able about to kill Bat Tong Ngou but Bosco stepped out saving him but Sharon had feeling Bosco was her brother because of the crows so she went easy on him. But in return he injured his sister, saving the man that killed his mom & dad becoming a hero.

When Sharon confronted Bosco and told him they were twins Bosco didn't get mad at Tong Ngou for killing his parents but he threw a hissy fit running in the river splashing water all over the place because he was mad over who he is. It was so stupid, worst than when Ron found out he was Japanese in WAD. The part that got me ticked off was when Bat Tong Ngou found about Bosco relationship with Sharon, Bosco didn't even seek revenge for his mom & dad but instead he kneeled down on knees to the man that killed his parents. I really dislike his character, I could understand if he was villain than I applause him for doing a good job making me hate him but he's suppose to be a good guy & lead actor. Honestly Bosco's performance was weak. He did his happy go lucky routine again with a hint of playing dumb, his character could have died in the first 10 episodes & I could have care less.

If I Had A Dime For Everytime I Got Excited Seeing Bosco In This Series... I Would Be Dead Broke!

Mok Man-Sharon Chan: Mok Man is Sing Fung's twin sister. They were seperated when they just babies. Mok Man is the leader of the "Bloody Shadow Clan". Sharon plays a very independent & strong woman who is raised basicly to achieve a goal of killing Bat Tong Ngou and avenging her parent's death. She is one of the strongest martial artist in the series, the only one a stood a chance against Bat Tong Ngou in the begining. She is injured several time in the series and once really bad. She almost lost her life but after developing a realtionship with Ging Lui (Kevin), he risk his life and was able to heal her. However, she ended up dying when she was once again assaulted by Bat Tong Ngau in a sneak attack battle. I really like Sharon Chan's character, I thought she improved alot.

Ging Lui-Kevin Cheng: Kevin plays a very solemn, quiet, and cool character. Ging Lui is Sing Fung's good friend. In the beginning he was very focused on finding his mom. He later found out that he was mom was tricked & killed by Bernice's dad. Bat Tong Ngou tried to kill him but Sharon saved him. They ended up falling in love with each other. It was really sad that they didn't end up together. Kevin's role was kinda small & he had alot less screentime than Bosco. Why did TVB try to make it out like he was lead, putting him all the way in the front and Bosco at his back in the program highlights?

Bat Tong Chi Lung-Bernice Liu: People said her acting in this series wasn't good but I disagree. She didn't much to go on. Her character wasn't very well developed, the only character background she had was that she's Bat Tong Ngou's daughter. Even though Bernice is lead female she doesn't even get nearly as much screetime as Bosco. She basicly served as a love interest for Sing Fung, even though they didn't even end up together. Bosco & Bernice look kinda weird together. She looks very fit & in shape since she dances & does yoga. Bosco looks a little scrawny & punney, espcially when he had his shirt off. It wouldn't of hurt for him to bulk up just a little to play a skilled martial artist.

Dong Fong Mou Ngai-Wayne Lai: A very righteous & noble character. I really like him. He played Bosco's shifu. His master was also killed by Bat Tong Ngou. His ultimate demise was basicly because Bosco didn't pay attention to the flying messages trying to warn him. Wayne's character sacrificed his life trying to save Bosco from Bat Tong Ngou.

Shui Ling-Shirley Yeung: A member of the Sky One tribe. She's more of a healer than a martial artist. She is a very sweet & innocent girl who met Bosco very early on in her life but she didn't realize it was him until later. She soon developes feelings for Bosco's character Sing Fung. They ended up getting married after she tricked him into sleeping with her to get her dad to save Sharon. They had a son together in the end. (Yes, this means Bosco didn't end up with Bernice)

Bat Tong Ngou-Eddy Ko: The ultimate villain in this series. He is responsible for most of the deaths in this series. He is a very evil man and I think his death in the ending was very justified. But I do praise Eddy Ko for doing an excellent job as a villain, he was really able to make me hate him.

Overall Rating: It was a good series for like the first 16 or so episodes. I say if you can catch it, watch it just for its entertainment values but its not a must watch. The ending is very rush, and the final scene was stupid. I've never seen a wuxia drama end with a cheesy song & dance in my life.

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Comments on "Final Thoughts-Devil's Disciple"


Blogger sindy said ... (6:35 PM) : 

you.. hte last 3 or 4 episodes.. it just went downhill.. i've never seen singing and dancing in the finale.. it just didn't make that much sense to me.. the ending definetly spoilled it.


Anonymous KTVB said ... (8:50 PM) : 

Yeh..the last few episodes were disapponting.. its very mucked up >_<


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