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Monday, December 04, 2006

Juicy Gossips!

Scandals! Scandals! Scandals!

So much gossips flying around the last couple couple of days. Particularly the list of gay celebrities that was release on Walter hau's blog. Apparently it wasn't him because someone hacked into his blog but there's still alot specualtion flying around. Another is the Sammul Chan being betrayed by one of the Olympic Six. There have alot of discussion about, and when I read at Em's Blog how juicy its getting so I had to do a post about it.

The Walter Hau Blog Scandal:

Cinple has a very informative dicussion going on about about it. Click Here: Go through all the posts for full details. YY, has provided us alot information on the scandal.

Here Are The Names I'm Familiar With That YY Mention that were allegedly reported:

* Bowie Lam (introduced by mutual friend, Gigi Lai)
* Sammul Chan (had one-month relationship with)
* Derek Lee Ho Lam (open secret)
* Carlo Ng (I've always suspected that, despite his married status)
* Chun Wong (Chow Bat Tung in LOCH); Fei Tin's father in TGWL (new to me)
* King Sir (rumoured before)
* Kwong Wah - Bi-sexual (new to me)
* Mark Kwok (open secret)
*Ricky Chan

*The captions in parentheses are of YY not me.

My Commentary: Of the allegedly gay on the list. I don't think Bowie Lam is, but what do I know. Sammul Chan has always been rumored to be gay, I don't know why though, Lai Lok Yi is alot more feminine than him. Derek Lee, I'm not sure about. Carlo Ng is married, but I thought he was gay before because of the way he dress. I don't even want to think about Chun Wong & King Sir, that's so weird. Kwong-Wah, never though he was bi-sexual or gay. Mark Kwok, didn't think he was gay either. Ricky Chan (From Central Affairs II), he didn't seem gay at all to me.

Besides those, recently Steven ma have been rumored to be gay. Manila @ Cinple also mention in the post that Wong Hei was caught having a guy in his house couple months ago. But lets turn our attention to Walter Hau. For those who don't know, he is male model in Hong Kong. I actually knew who he was, I saw news about him a long time ago about him & Carmen Choi. I thought he was the ugliest male model in Hong Kong. Here are pictures of him:

The Sammul Chan Betrayal Scandal:

Basicly Sammul came out and said of the Olympic Six betrayed him by bad mouthing to producers and crew members but he didn't say who. Lai Lok Yi, Bosco Wong, Ron Ng, Raymond Lam, and Kenneth Ma were questioned about it. The Apple Daily basicly hinted it was Kenneth by saying "Ma Yi Gwok" (Kenneth's chinese name is Ma Gwok Ming). CLICK HERE to read all about what happen.

My Commentary: Something about this smells fishy. Ron, Raymond, and Bosco had bigger success than Sammul from the gecko, so I don't see why they would attack Sammul. So that's just leaves Lai Lok Yi and Kenneth in my opinion. I still don't believe any of them did it really. The fingers are being pointed Kenneth, but the guy seems so ginuwine. Its like War & Beauty of the Olympic Stars.

I kinda think Sammul is making all of this up for attention. There's alot of gay rumors flying around about him, so I think he might of just made this up as a distraction to draw the attention away from the gay rumors. But only Sammul really knows so I can't say much about it really. After this, I dont see him ever coming back for TVB ever again.

Comments on "Juicy Gossips!"


Blogger j00ky said ... (3:10 AM) : 

Of the people in the reported gay list, I have always thought that Kwong Wah was abit on the far side... have you seen the way he walks? :X


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