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Thursday, December 28, 2006

>> TVB-G Final Calendar Report PART I <<

January ===> April


Sunny Chan-Filmed a couple of series with TVB and had one that aired. War and Destiny was warehoused but Love Guaranteed was big hit and one of the year’s top rated series. Overall he was kind of low key this year.

Frankie Lam-Had a big hit with Forensic Heroes. He later left TVB but he will be returning in 2007 to film Forensic Heroes 2.

Bowie Lam-Always Ready received bad ratings but Bowie said he expected it. But I’m sure he didn’t expect The Dance of Passion to receive such disappointing ratings. Reportedly he had a falling out with Wong Hei while filming for TVB‘s variety show “Landscapes & Beauties” a.k.a. “Homegrown Beauties“. Bowie also obtained a somewhat conceited and arrogant image after he proclaim himself the biggest contender for Best Actor and Moses Chan should wait a couple more years. This lead to the infamous Liza Wang incident at the Award Show.

Roger Kwok-He was gone for the early part of the year, but shortly return. He also got married to long time girlfriend Cindy Au in a fairy tale wedding at Disney World. His series “Glittering Days” was aired as the anniversary series, but ratings weren’t high as expected. He is currently filming “Curious Detectives” with Sonjia Kwok, Margie Tsang, and Kenneth Ma.

Bobby Au-Yeung-This year, Bobby showed that his relationship with TVB is better than ever. He filmed a Pillow case of Mysteries last year and it was aired early this year being the first series in 2006 that received ratings in the 30’s helping TVB recover from its ratings slump which seems to be starting again this year. Forensic Heroes was aired and the second highest rated series of the year. Bobby is currently filming another series for TVB called “Trouble Daddy”. He also signed on to film Forensic Heroes 2 in 2007.

Adam Cheng-He filmed one series and only had that one series that aired which was Bar Benders. BB received good ratings and was one of the top 10 series of the year.


Winnie Yeung-After having a baby last year we all thought she would take a couple months break and return to filming but she was pregnant again and had another baby this year. Congratulations Winnie!

Melissa Ng-She was extremely low key this although she was a big contributor to TVB’s high ratings with series like LFD & LG. She kind of disappear for a good while. It wasn’t until recently that we saw a little news about her.

Jessica Hsuan-Ended her management contract with TVB and lost her status as the number one sister at TVB. However, she is still filming for the company. She is currently filming for “The Drive of Life” and Dicey Business is currently airing in Hong Kong.

Charmaine Sheh-Had a not so good year in the ratings with only Maiden’s Vow doing well but she received a lot of awards including Best Actress at the TVB Anniversary Award Show. Charmaine’s popularity is rising fast and with the departure of Jessica from TVB management, Charmaine may take the title of Number Sister at TVB away from Gigi Lai who was considered next in line last year.

Gigi Lai-Had an OK year, nothing special happen with her. She continued to film for TVB and DOP was aired. I read this column I think in the Easy Finder or one those tabloid magazine a couple months back saying that a cat fight might be brewing between Gigi & Ada Choi because Gigi is stepping into Ada’s territory and potentially will be the spokeperson for Moiselle in place of Ada. I didn’t believe it but Gigi has been shooting a lot of Moiselle ads and pictures for their catalogues. Anyways. Gigi had an Ok year, don’t always believe what you read in magazines lol.

Sonjia Kwok-Had a lot of rumors this year, ranging from being romantically linked with Joe Ma to billionaire Chan Kwok Keung. She spent some time filming a movie but she’s back filming series. The ratings were not good to her at all this year with LWOAP & LOW getting bad ratings . Now The Conquest is airing but its receiving bad ratings as well. And Vagabond Vigilante was warehoused. But on the bright side, she has become more popular in China from filming a lot of mainland series.

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