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Friday, December 29, 2006

>> TVB-G Final Calendar Report PART II <<

May ===> August

Matthew Ko-Didn't successfully defend his Mr. HK title but had his first series air. He had a pretty significant role on "To Grow With Love" which was his second acting job next to a smaller role he had in Super Cops which hasn't been released yet. He gain popular for his role in TGWL so TVB is promoting him in new series.

Fala Chen-Had a small cameo role in Forensic Heroes. Her other series will be released in 2007 so she hasn't become known among series watching fan but in HK there is alot of buzz surrounding her with plenty rumors and the fact that she always dress very sexy.

Sharon Chan-Had a song in the Lady In Red CD putting her foot into the door of the music industry. After filming Glittering Days she stop filming series and joined the sitcom "Welcome To The House". Unfortunately, she joined when the sitcom ratings started to drop.

Bernice Liu-She didn't have one series that aired at all so she didn't have a chance at any TV awards in HK. However, her poularity didn't fade with numerous advertisement deals under her belt.

Ron Ng-Bounced back from his time working on his music career, filming more series and focusing more on his acting career. Men In Pain did well in the ratings so his year has been good, he's just been really low key this year.

Myolie Wu-I personally think Myolie had a bad year. War & Destiny got warehoused, Master of Tai Chi is still unreleased, and she gained all that weight to play Fei Tin for nothing because the series received disappointing ratings & she didn't win any awards.

Anna Yau-Secured her status as one of TVB's top MC as she is still under TVB management. She is co-hosts to big shows like TVB Lightning Ceremony, Mr. Hong Kong, and of course the annual TVB Anniversary Celebration.

Bosco Wong-was accused of taking advantage of Fala chen & Natalie Tong, but those accusations have died down now. he was romanticly link with Myolie as always and Niki Chow. Two of his series got warehoused (ARS & TPOG), and another will potentially be warehoused (DD). LWOLAP recieved horrible ratings but Dicey Business is doing OK.

Lai Lok Yi-Still a character actor. He has had the least success out of the six Oympic Stars. However, he is friends with big name stars like Ekin Cheng, Yoyo Mung, & Emme Wong so he still gets alot of buzz.

Winnie Sum-Starting to work her way up, slowly getting bigger roles so her career is progressing alright. She is rumored to Fred Cheng's girlfriend.

Vin Choi-Still a Kelefe (An Extra). I don't know what he is doing in the actual calendar, he should be on the cover page with other minor role actors. There are actors in the front page who had actual lines in series who should be on this page like Eric Lee or Ngo Kanin.

Raymond Lam-This year's Annual Artistes Best Actor Award winner. TVB-G established that he has had the best year. If you would like to read more about his year refer to the "Best Year' post.

Linda Chung-Progressed very fast this year. She already won the The Most Improved award & leading series. Aside from rumors Linda had a good year.

Ada Choi-Returned to TVB with The Dance of Passion. She was a hot contender for this year's Best Actress award. She will film another 80 episodes series for TVB in 2007. Ada is one of the Most Welcome Back stars of the year.

Kevin Cheng-Gained alot of poularity from UTCOL with Niki Chow. All his series received good ratings this year & TVB allowed him to pursue his singing career after renown musician Lau Ka Cheung signed a contract with TVB accepting him as his student. He won Best Actor, but he was sued by his former music teacher Dai Si Chung so his year somewhat half baked.

Kate Tsui-Lucky Kate got her acting role in the year's #1 rated series La Femme Desperado. She ran into some trouble though when she openly talked about sexual positions on public HK radio, but TVB forgave her & still gave her more roles in upcoming series. Kate also was in a couple of movies this year making her good overall.

Elaine Yiu-Still not very well liked among TVB fans, but she is getting bigger roles in series. Safe Guard did really well in the ratings so she gained some popularity this year.

Amigo Chui-He's such a successful host & TV personality now. He hosts alot of big shows like the JSG Award and is considered one of TVB's master of show so I think he had a really good year.

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