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Sunday, December 31, 2006

>> TVB-G Final Calendar Report PART III <<

Novemeber ===> December

Leanne Li-Had her first role in Love Guaranteed aired, and had another role in Dicey Business do so as well. However her roles are considerably smaller than the roles Fala Chen have been getting even though Leanne is MCI 2005 while Fala is only first runners up because Leanne is isn't getting enough buzz and she doesn't dress as revealing as Fala.

Jonhson Lee-Had supporting roles here and there before signing on to the cast of Welcome To The House with rumors of a falling out with Raymond Cho shortly following. But he is gaining popularity because of WTTH.

Mandy Cho-I have the up most sympathy for her. I know I never really liked her but I feel so sorry for her. The press has reported that TVB gave up on Mandy after a 9 months leave so she can finish her education. I know how education can take over life so I feel sorry for her that it affected her so much. TVB haven't been giving her any new roles I really think its true.

Selena Li-Watch out for this girl in 2007. In my opinion she has really improved. Face To Fate will soon air so I think she will get a popularity boost. She recieved some buzz this year surrounding her rumors with Patrick Tang and the news that she had to lose 10 pounds in 10 days for TGWL.

Kenix Kwok-After A Pillow Case of Mysteries aired she disappeared in Hong Kong. She headed to China filming Mainland series. I wonder if she would have stayed with TVB if she won the Best Actess in 2005.

Joe Ma-Maiden's Vow aired and had good ratings for the first few weeks so Joe gained alot of popularity and was one of the hot contender for the Best Actor Award. Soon after he was caught vacationing in Thailand with his "girlfriend", but recently it was reported that his wife and him are still in a loving relationship. The Conquest is currently airing but the current air ratings aren't that good.

Shirley Yeung-AR recieved bad ratings and Au Revoir Shanghai & The Price of Greed were warehoused. Devil's Disciple also potentially could be warehouse (Hope it wont though). Shirley was also criticized by the public for being too sexy following articles in magazines that said she was using being sexy for advertising event jobs. But she won the Chicago TV award for her role as a blind character & of course she won Best Supporting actress.

Evergreen Mak-Still doing supporting roles for TVB, his year was good. There is nothing out of the ordinary.

Charles Szeto-Dominated in getting roles where he played young men in high school or college. He's being somewhat type-casted but at least his roles are pretty significant.

Derek Kwok-Delivered many good performances with roles in series like LWOLAP, but its safe to say he's under-promoted by TVB.

Kenny Wong-His body has been getting alot of attention causing a popularity surge and advances in his career. He even won Best Supporting Actor, but he still isn't that well liked among TVB fans. If anything, his poularity is dropping because people are pretty sick of him showing off his body at every chance he gets.

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