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Saturday, December 09, 2006

: : : TVB-G Superhero Satire Parody PART II: : :

Missed The Intro & Part I? CLICK HERE To View It.

Magneto ==> Charmaine Sheh: Magneto the Magnet from the X-Men series is known for his power to attract. Magneto is able to attract metal and maneuver it to his control. Charmaine Sheh also has the power to attract. She is attracting so many fans to her fan base at such an alarming rate. Her fan base is one the fastest growing and one of the biggest when it comes to TVB artistes. Jessica Hsaun has the biggest fan base when it comes to fan dans but Charmaine is now stiff competition. She has attracted a huge fan base as big as Jessica's in a shorter time span, with countless websites, forums, BBS, blogs, and clubs dedicated to her giving her lifts when it comes time to vote.

Jean Grey/Phoenix ==> Kevin Cheng: Jean Grey is the famous mind controller and reader who is linked with Cyclops & Wolverine. As the story tells she is embodied and transformed into Phoenix. Kevin Cheng is a mind reader is his own rights. He is almost infamous now for being able to know what is on the TVB executives mind, and becoming their favorite and "TVB's Son". Some might say the once Underated actor is now Overated because of good ratings, somewhat like Jean becoming Phoenix.

Mystique ==> Sheren Tang: Mystique, another character from the X-Men saga. Mystique has the mystic power to transform into anyone. Sheren also has the mystic power to transform into anyone, acting wise that is. I'm just blown away by her acting. Its so superior and truly shows that she has so much experience that she can drown me in it. She always perfects the character that she sets out to potray and embodies the character. The poster of La femme Desperado has Melissa in the center of the focal point, but it doesn't mean Sheren isn't lead, because as we all saw she stole the show with her potrayal of Hilda. And there's no need for me to mention Yu Fei.

Storm ==> Virginia Lok: Storm is my favorite character from the X-Men series, she is often refered to as the Weather Witch because of her abilities to control the weather. Virginia Lok A.K.A. Lok Yi Ling is a TVB executive who basicly controls the weather at TVB. If she wants wind she'll get wind, if she want rain she'll get rain. For a person who has never appeared in any TVB series she has become as almost as famous the artistes themself.

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