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Thursday, December 14, 2006

English Speakers!

It's always fascinate me when I hear TVB artistes speaking english. I know there are a handful of artistes who come from overseas and are fluent in English. Its so interesting to actually hear those artistes speak it. I found a couple videos of artistes speaking English, actually a full sentence not just "thank you" or "Merry Christmas" which we cant really go on.

You guys dont have to worry, I know there are alot more of these artistes who speak english like Flora, Moses, Bernice, Linda, Selena,... but these were the only ones I have videos of so far. If you other videos would like to share with everyone just leave a message.

Angela Tong, Kate Tsui, & Sonjia Kwok Speaking English: This clip is from Ent Scoop last month when The Village People were visiting Hong Kong. They were interviewed by Angela, Kate, & Sonjia.

Angela Tong's English is excellent. I read she grew up overseas, and Cantonese is actually her weaker language. She is definitely fluent.

Kate's English is a little weird. It's a bit choppy, and thick at times like when she pronounce fascinating. I think she isnt fluent, because grammaticly she kinda speaks broken English.

Sonjia's English is quite good actually, if I'm not mistaken she is from overseas also. Her English
is grammaticly correct and I have to say alot better than Kate even though Kate is the one known for English speaking skills.

Kevin Cheng Speaking English: This clip was uploaded by Kate6002. Its from his movie Boys in 1996 where he was lead along with Edmond Leung & Fennie Yeun, yes he's not a acting newcomer like everyone thinks. Kevin was born in California and has a Bachelor in Civil Engineering. He was born before the time of the Civil Rights Movement so I wonder how his life experiences living in the USA at that time were.

Comments on "English Speakers!"


Blogger Em said ... (8:51 PM) : 

Cool clips and good observation, I was thinking about this a while ago myself.

There are actually a lot more English speakers among the artistes in Hong Kong, some more well known than others and some with better standards than others... here are some I can think of and their backgrounds - Raymond Lam, studied in the US for a year (or two); Jessica Hsuan, studied in London for several years; Myolie Wu, studied in Belfast, Northern Ireland for a number of years from age 12/13 until she entered MHK; Maria Chen, grew up in Canada (I think or maybe US); Melissa Ng, from Canada; Bel Lau, grew up in Australia; Maggie Cheung Ho Yee, studied in the UK; Charmaine Sheh, studied in Switzerland; Florence Kwok, went to an English school in Hong Kong; Angelina Lo, studied at English school in HK; Eileen Yeow, from Singapore... and all the other MCI and Mr Hong Kong contestants who have turned artistes... and so on...

I think that it really shows up how bad English standards are in Hong Kong when you compare these to the likes of Ron and Bosco who grew up and studied in Hong Kong and never got the chance to learn properly, leaving them embarrassed to speak it now.



Blogger Catherine said ... (2:42 AM) : 

Melissa Ng is actually from San Francisco, California not Canada.

Also, I think Kate's english accent is actually better than that of Sonjia's. She only had 1 line, and it was really obvious she spoke with a HK-English accent, whereas Kate was speaking more of an ABC accent. (she also had more lines to say)


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