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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Special Feature: TVB Generation Closing Out This Year's TVB Calendar

TVB Stars of the 2005 Calendar, The Final Report!

*What a year 2005 has been. If you own a TVB calendar, you've spent the last year with these stars. If something important happened in your life you might remember with the artistes of that certain month. Lets round up everyone like a reunion, and see where they are now. What better way to end the year by closing our calendar. Took me a long time and some hard work, but lets review the calendar.*

Cover Page: Miss Hong Kong Kate Tsui is had a great year with so many appearances in many series and shows. She also signed with TVB and now will be promoted. Queenie Chu had a good year in the beginning with winning the Miss friendship award at the Miss World pageant, but later as we all know was frozen because of the Joey Leung scandal. Fu Sze Sze began the year trying to make it as an artiste, but later quit and went back to college in Singapore.

January: Charmaine Sheh had a pretty rough year with her two series "Yummy Yummy" and "Always Ready" getting low ratings. She also had an accident while filming and injured herself. Sammul Chan had a good year releasing his first gospel single and movie. Bosco Wong had a great year with "WOIL" and winning the Most Improved Award.

February: Lai Lok Yi had an average year, his series "Ten Brothers" became a warehouse series. Nancy Sit ended her long running sitcom "VOH". Shirley Yeung had a good year but nothing special besides her bra incident and the over the top wardrobe.

March: Roger Kwok had a great with his series "Life Made Simple" breaking the rating's peaking record and winning the Best Actor Award for the second time. Jessica Hsaun had a good year too, but didnt get much publicity because of Angela Tong overshadowing her in "LMS".

April: Raymond Lam had an average year with a couple of low rating series, but loss some weight and stole some attention. Tavia Yeung was in alot of series but nobody seem to acknowledge her. She open her own craft store so it was a great year.

May: Myolie Wu had an awsome year with "WOIL" and four awards outside of TVB. Moses Chan had a great year with many leading roles and the popularity boost. Anne Heung had a decent year signing with TVB again and snagging the lead to "Au Revoir Shanghai".

June: Bowie Lam had a good year with male leads everywhere after signing with TVB. Ada Choi had an excellent year but outside of TVB though, mostly mainland productions. She came back to film "The Dance of Passion".

July: Frankie Lam got back into acting more with a couple of leads, and getting rich with real estate so he had a great year. Kenneth Ma is still a supporting artiste, but gained more fans so overall his year was decent. Michelle Ye left TVB, but still found success with ATV series, movies, and gaining a rich tycoon as her god father.

August: Adam Cheng always has a good year. All leading roles with high pays. Melissa Ng's year was awsome, all female leading roles and just recently accepted a role in Tai Chi.

Semptember: Bernice Liu had a good year, but could have been better if she would of won the Most Improve Award over Nikki, but overall she gained alot of popularity and new fans. Ron Ng had tremendous year with "The Academy" and "RDOV" both being hits. He just launch a singer career alongside acting with an EP that came out and is sold out.

October: Bobby Au-Yeung was a little low key this year with no new series except the warehouse series "Hidden Treasure", but he is coming back with alot of TVB series, he already has two done filming. Sonjia Kwok had a quiet year because she was mostly in mainland filming co-productions with China, but she'll have a better year once they come out. The only bad press was her going to the bathroom outdoor while filming in mainland.

November: Kenix Kwok had an excellent with "RDOV" being a bit hit for her, and her publicity for being the hot contender for the Best Actress Award. Joe Ma remained ignored, even though "RDOV" was a big success nobody even acknowledged him for his lead acting in it. Flora Chan lefted and turned against TVB by filming for ATV, but we must admit her popularity has fallen since she left.

December: Kevin Cheng had a good year because this time last year he was doing supporting roles, but now has been promoted to lead with quite a couple series done filming and one in the works. Mandy Cho did alot supporting roles in grand productions like "The Charm Beneath" and "War and Destiny", but is now leaving for more than half a year to go study jewlery designing in the US.

Friday, December 30, 2005

2004 Rollout Over 2005 Into 2006: Last Edition: The Series

The Top Ten Average TVB Series Rating:


Rating : 32 points (2.133 million)
Rating : 32.3 (2.12 million)
Rating : 30 (1.97 million)
Rating : 29.8 (1.956 million)
Rating : 29.4 (1.93 million)
Rating : 29.37 (1.928 million)
Rating : 29.34 (1.926 million)
Rating : 29 (1.903 million)
Rating : 28.5 (1.87 million)
Rating : 28.4 (1.864 million)


1. Jewel in the Palace - 36 points with 2,000,000 audiences
2. War of in Laws - 34 points (but has 25,000 more audiences than LMS)
3. Life Made Simple - 34 points
4. The Academy - 34 points (but has 4,000 less audience than LMS)
5. The Prince's Shadow
6. Just Love
7. Scavenger's Paradise
8. Revolving Door of Vengeance
9. The Gentle Crackdown
10. My Family

Credit To: Heartmonster

*Rollout: 2004 was no big suprise because we all knew what were the big hits because they also did well in ratings. However 2005, one of the most memborable hit was "RDOV", but it turns out it didn't too well in ratings like we expected. And guess what? "WOIL" beated "LMS" in average rating so it was the year's biggest comedy, and TVB series.

The Anniversary Series:

*Rollout: November is the month when TVB celebrates with big productions that they hope will boost ratings to a high level inorder to have a happy anniversary, but the nuber reason really is for them to "keep face" against other stations like ATV. Well, its been a pretty rough two years for TVB since the only high rating anniversary series they had was "Life Made Simple". In my opinion all these series were good except for Real Kung Fu. So lets briefly recap:

2004: "The Conqueror's Story" was a series about the legend with some of the best actors out there like Adam Cheng, Kwong Wah, and Wayne Lai. Maggie Cheung and Melissa Ng were amazing with perfecting their character. "The Last Breakthrough" was also excellent. The cast was great, the chemistry was, and the plot was great. I have no idea why these series didn't do well in ratings. Its a shame they didn't make it in the top ten.

2005: "The Charm Beneath" was very slow in the beginning, but towards the end the series was breath taking especially with Anne Heung's character. What was the problem with Real Kung Fu? It was Real Kung Fu! Nobody wants to watch old mainland actors kick and punch for real. They want to see young hunks fly around in computer generated effects. Besides the storyline was just boring and not interesting in my opinion.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Much Anticipation!

Preview The First Two TVB Series For 2006

Lethal Weapon of Love and Passion & Trimming Success. The entire plot are summarized in the trailers. Use an ASF Recorder to download if its more preferable for you:

LWOLAP: Martial art series with plenty of special effects, similar to Twin of Brothers. Cast: Raymond Lam, Charmaine Sheh, Sonjia Kwok, Bosco Wong and Sharon Chan.

Long trailer:
Short trailer:

Trimming Success: Light-hearted romance series about the hairstyling industry, very original and everybody in this series has great hair. Cast: Kevin Cheng, Nadia Chan, Sharon Chan, Halina Tam, Wayne Lai, Patricia Liu, Sherming Yiu, and Ellesmere Choi.

Long trailer:
Short trailer:

2004 Rollout Over 2005: "TVB's Airport"

The Departures:

2004: Flora announce early in 2004 that she would not renew her contract and left TVB. To this day there is no plans for to do another TVB production yet, but she did a series with ATV, "The Great Adventure". Fans are anticipating her return, but her relationship with TVB has been reported to have gone sour.

2005: Michelle announce in 2005 that she too will not renew her contract, leaving TVB with her last series with them being "The Herbalist Manual" where she had less airtime than Selena Li because she was sick during the time of filming. (Oh yeah, that's Michelle in the latest HK issue of Maxim showing off her beauty and figure.)

*Ironicly, both were in TITS and have departured. Lets hope Myolie will be included in 2006.

The Arrivals:

2004: The arrival of Ron's popularity after "TITS" aired. Ron Ng exploded into the TVB scene and became known as "King of the Newcomers". Now he is so popular that he out ranks Raymond Lam who has more experience than him. He is also expanding in to the music side of the industry.

2005: The arrival of Bosco's popularity after "War of the In Laws" aired. Bosco Wong quickly grabbed everyone's attention along with Myolie Wu in one of the year's biggest hit comedy. Now he is one TVB's most treasured asset after winning the Most Improved Award.

*Ironicly, both of these guys were in "TITS", so I would have my eye on Sammul or Kenneth next year because they were also members of S4.

The Deportation:

Shirley had a rough two year, in terms of fashion. From wearing cowboy outfit that made men peak at her breast to her two disastrous outfit at both year's anniversary. She would have to be one the, if not the worse dress person of the year. Great actress that won the Most Improved in 2004, but she just need to fire her stylist.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

2004 Rollout Over 2005: The Controversy

The Award Controversy:

2004:The biggest controversy, period, of 2004 would have to be the Sheren Tang and Gigi Lai best actress award scandal. The night before the anniversary the voting were closed online with Sheren in the lead by landslide number, so all bets were on Sheren. The odds of her winning were listed are 90%, but things did not go as plan. Sheren didn't win! Gigi Lai's name was called out for the award. Sheren instead went home with the Extraordinary Artiste Award, which TVB problaly gave to her as consoling gift. This was huge because it spelled corruption when Gigi Lai signed with TVB only a few weeks after. This angered alot of people. At the time, HK's ICAC was conducting investigations into award shows so this was raised to an even higher level of controversy. Things got worse when TVB froze Sheren, and gave Gigi Sheren's series "The Charm Beneath". Eventually after a couple months things died down with Sheren coming back, but this scandal is still stuck in everyone's mind.

2005: This year didn't bring a big award controversy in general, but rather two medium ones that made one huge controversy. The first was Kenix and Liza. Liza won the award, but she was one of the actresses expected to win, so what's the problem? The problem was Kenix and Tai Chi. Reports had it that she promised to film Tai Chi in exchange for the Best Actress Award, but there was no real truth to it. However, Kenix later rejected the role causing many to speculate that there was a deal in place but it went under. Some said that TVB froze Kenix after the rejection, but media reports later claimed that their relationship is still good.

The second medium conroversy was Nikki winning the most improved award over Bernice. Bernice was the fan favorite and had already film over 10 TVB productions, so she was expected to win. However, as we all know Nikki won. So why was a controversy? Rumours had it that Nikki was going to film The Gentle Crackdown 2 in exchange for the award and that her record company also had bought the award to expand her popularity. To this day there is still talk of who should have won, but no real answer to why Nikki won since she only had two TVB series that was out.

Dis-Honorable Mention:

Who could have forgotten this? The Joey and Queenie scandal. Joey is back at work on the hunt for more MHK victims, while poor Queenie who was deceited is nowhere to found. Society's double standard...

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Welcome To TVB Generation's Grand Opening!

Welcome everyone to TVB Generation's Grand Opening. Hope everyone like the new TVB Generation. The old layout and format was very rough around the edges because I was new and a little clueless, but I realized that I needed to do my best to improve it. In the beginning it was basicly a big high school play with kids, just one big joke but I'm doing my best to move away from that. Thank to all that supported me and readers that sent in help. Some very fun, and funny things to go over, and we'll be set and prepared to tackle on 2006:

The Theme: The theme for this layout is "Paradise" with a relaxing baby blue color scheme. I know it looks a little reminiscent of TVSF and TVSS, but it wasn't meant to. Things just sorta stacked on top of each other. If you feel the need to visit a forum hit the crew at Asianfanatics up, or visit fresh new ones like TVB Square or AznSurfz.

Changes: Some modern and fun things are place around the site. I wanted it to have cozy home feeling and a hangout kind of atmosphere. I will play english songs so it will have different feel from other sites. I also change the number of post display on the page down to 12 so dial up users will have an easier time viewing. If you have dificulty viewing, refer to the Webmaster's Note.

Top Searches: The google search bar allows me to view the top inquiries. Bernice is in the lead with almost 30%, with Ron, Bosco, and Kenix following. I received a couple of Raymond Nude and alot of Bernice in bikinis searches. I dont why they expected to find those here. I'll update the top searches if you guys are interested.

Viet Releases: Its on top now for display so please help me update it as soon as possible on shoutbox if you are step ahead of me.

The Sub Sites: The voting booth was updated. The download section is updated with a lovely duet with Chilam Cheung and Gigi Leung - Love is Among Us and one of the Metro Award's hit karaoke song Ella Koon - What? What?. I update, but sometime forgetful to post a bulletin so please check randomly. TVB Generation Magazine is put up now for your browsing needs.

Hope You like the new TVB Generation!

Monday, December 26, 2005

2005 Rollout Over 2004:The Hit Drama & Comedy

Usually every year has a hit Drama & Comedy that makes everybody remember that certain year. 2004 and 2005 is no exception. However 2005 brought two that are in a league of their own. "Jewel In The Palace" and "Life Made Simple" are considered legends now, so they'll be ruled out of the series class. So which ones were the hit drama and comedy of 2004/2005?

The Dramas:
2004's hit drama no doubt was "War and Beauty". It had the highest peaking rating of one night so everyone basicly crowned it the number rated of the year but really "To Catch The Uncatchable" was number one overall. The cast was what made the series very tempting with so many big names. Besides that, the plot interested people because of the competetion factor which made it very intense and a true drama. The series suck the life of 2004, leaving no room for anything else to breath. After the series aired, everybody couldn't stop talking about it and 2004 was basicly dead in terms of any buzz from series and stars outside of it.

2005's was "Revolving Doors of Vengeance's" year. I did not expect it to be the hit drama though. I knew it was anticipated by alot of people but I did expect it to be such a hit. I honestly expected "Healing Hand 3" to be the hit because of how much buzz it was getting, but somehow it did not do so well in ratings and became a disappointment. I was very impress when watching "RDOV" because it was very diverse with romance, drama, and even a little of light-hearted comedy. It also brought back the intense competion factor like War and Beauty. The cast was awsome in terms of acting. Joe, Kenix, Ron, Ella, Derek Kwok, Ellesmere Choi, Winnie Yeung, and Elaine Yiu delivered great performances. This problaly why the series was a hot favorite for Series of the Year. Hands down TVB's best drama of 2005.
The Comedies:

2004 was dominated by "To Catch The Uncatchable" in terms of comedies. Dayo Wong was the talk of the town since his last series "War of the Gender" was the number rated HK show of all time before Jewel In the Palace came around. TVB was hoping to get the same result and it really came to life. "To Catch The Uncatchable" was the number one rated show of 2004. Dayo Wong and Ada Choi won best chemistry like him and Dodo Cheng also did. Their popularity sky rocketed. It was so much of a success that they wanted to make sequel, but Dayo hasn't found the time yet. Still, anyway you put it "To Catch the Uncatchable" will be pass down as a classic comedy.

2005's hit comedy was "War of the In Laws". It was safe to say TVB didn't expect it to be a hit since wasn't a large production and only like 20 episodes were ordered. I also didn't expect it to be one either since I nevered seen Liza, Myolie, or Bosco in a comedy. I expected "Women on the Run" to be the big hit because it was billed as sequel to "To Catch The Uncatchable" with a cross of "Sex In The City", but it ended up not doing very well. I must admit the "WOIL"cast was amazing, Liza was completely in character, Myolie and Bosco had great chemistry. All their comedy skills were top notch. The show won Best Series of The Year, and Liza won best actress. "WOIL" along-side with "Life Made Simple" will definitely be remembered as the cream of the crop in TVB comedies.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Three Way Look Alikes!

Look Alikes:

May Kwong & Michelle Yip: May Kwong was former TVB actress, you might recognize her face if you've been watching TVB series for a long time.

May Kwong:

Michelle Yip:

Michelle Ye & Tracy Ip: This is Michelle from her earlier years, and Tray Ip is this year's MHK just in case you did not know.

Michelle Yip:

Tracy Ip:

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Special: TVB Generation 2004 Rollout Over 2005

Its almost a new year so take time to rollout the 2005 year in comparison to 2004. This will be a multiple event, so dont miss it. Lets begin with the first part:

The Breakout of 2004 / 2005: Like a pimple on face, these artiste poped out of nowhere and bacame instantaneous hit. The The greatest breakout from each year.

The Unkwown Pretty Face With The TVB Hunk That Captured Fan's Heart:

2004 brought the rise of Li Qian when paired opposite Raymond Lam. This couple sparked a massive, massive popularity boost for both artsites. Li Qian isnt even a TVB artiste but fan listings and sites slowly began to pop up everywhere. To this day almost everyone who is a TVB fan knows the name Li Qian. Just two years ago crtitics in TOB forums doubted that Raymond would have good chemistry with her and Leila should have been the better choice. This theory was quickly proven wrong. What was once a mainland actress with no publicity and promotion is now constantly making it in headlines of the news and media.

2005 brought the rise of Ella Koon opposite Ron Ng. This onscreen couple and rumour off-screen gained tremendous popularity. Ron was already popular as it is so Ella benefited the most because she never appear in any television production. The only way you would know her is if you saw her in movies like "My Sweetie" or you knew her as model. Now, her name is mention in the news so many times that its just un-believable that so much can of just one serial. She is now going to launch a singer career along side acting. What was then an unkwown face is now one of the biggest thing in HK entertainment.

THE BIGGEST Breakout of 2004 / 2005

2004 brought the rise and I mean the RISE of Sheren Tang. Her role as Yu Fei made her explode in popularity. During this time which could have only been describe as a reign terror, because leading fa dans were overshadowed were completely overshadowed by her. She top the Next Magazine TV artiste list which were also taken by legendary stars like Chow Yan Fat and Tony Leung. This was a long way from where she was before because almost nobody knew who she was. He greatest acting role before WAB was in Country Spirit, but was sadly overpowered by Charmaine, so she got her revenge. Nobody expected her to do so well since she was thrown into a pool of leading actresses like Maggie, Gigi, & Charmaine while being labled a supporting. During filming she was considered only as a second class supporting actress along with Jade Leung but she prove all the haters wrong. The only thing was she was known for before WAB was being a past flame of Kevin Cheng, but now she is known by her WAB name Yu Fei.

2005 brought the rise of Angela Tong, and more Angela Tong, and even more Angela Tong. Just to put it simply in perspective Angela Tong was what we call a character actor, maybe borderline supporting. Now she is borderline leading. Life Made Simple was suppose to be Roger and Jessica's limelight ilumination sequel but Angela completely stole Jessica's thunder. Roger alongside Angela gained alot of popularity, but that was about it. Angela overshadowed Jessica, Leila, Bosco, and almost every on LMS. She has her own show now and has appearance on almost every other show that is airing. Angela was also thrown into a pool of senoir actresses in the 2005 TVB Best Supporting Actress Award category but somehow manage to come out on top. When TVB fans look back on 2005 they will most likely think of Angela Tong first.

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