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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

2004 Rollout Over 2005: The Controversy

The Award Controversy:

2004:The biggest controversy, period, of 2004 would have to be the Sheren Tang and Gigi Lai best actress award scandal. The night before the anniversary the voting were closed online with Sheren in the lead by landslide number, so all bets were on Sheren. The odds of her winning were listed are 90%, but things did not go as plan. Sheren didn't win! Gigi Lai's name was called out for the award. Sheren instead went home with the Extraordinary Artiste Award, which TVB problaly gave to her as consoling gift. This was huge because it spelled corruption when Gigi Lai signed with TVB only a few weeks after. This angered alot of people. At the time, HK's ICAC was conducting investigations into award shows so this was raised to an even higher level of controversy. Things got worse when TVB froze Sheren, and gave Gigi Sheren's series "The Charm Beneath". Eventually after a couple months things died down with Sheren coming back, but this scandal is still stuck in everyone's mind.

2005: This year didn't bring a big award controversy in general, but rather two medium ones that made one huge controversy. The first was Kenix and Liza. Liza won the award, but she was one of the actresses expected to win, so what's the problem? The problem was Kenix and Tai Chi. Reports had it that she promised to film Tai Chi in exchange for the Best Actress Award, but there was no real truth to it. However, Kenix later rejected the role causing many to speculate that there was a deal in place but it went under. Some said that TVB froze Kenix after the rejection, but media reports later claimed that their relationship is still good.

The second medium conroversy was Nikki winning the most improved award over Bernice. Bernice was the fan favorite and had already film over 10 TVB productions, so she was expected to win. However, as we all know Nikki won. So why was a controversy? Rumours had it that Nikki was going to film The Gentle Crackdown 2 in exchange for the award and that her record company also had bought the award to expand her popularity. To this day there is still talk of who should have won, but no real answer to why Nikki won since she only had two TVB series that was out.

Dis-Honorable Mention:

Who could have forgotten this? The Joey and Queenie scandal. Joey is back at work on the hunt for more MHK victims, while poor Queenie who was deceited is nowhere to found. Society's double standard...

Comments on "2004 Rollout Over 2005: The Controversy"


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