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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Welcome To TVB Generation's Grand Opening!

Welcome everyone to TVB Generation's Grand Opening. Hope everyone like the new TVB Generation. The old layout and format was very rough around the edges because I was new and a little clueless, but I realized that I needed to do my best to improve it. In the beginning it was basicly a big high school play with kids, just one big joke but I'm doing my best to move away from that. Thank to all that supported me and readers that sent in help. Some very fun, and funny things to go over, and we'll be set and prepared to tackle on 2006:

The Theme: The theme for this layout is "Paradise" with a relaxing baby blue color scheme. I know it looks a little reminiscent of TVSF and TVSS, but it wasn't meant to. Things just sorta stacked on top of each other. If you feel the need to visit a forum hit the crew at Asianfanatics up, or visit fresh new ones like TVB Square or AznSurfz.

Changes: Some modern and fun things are place around the site. I wanted it to have cozy home feeling and a hangout kind of atmosphere. I will play english songs so it will have different feel from other sites. I also change the number of post display on the page down to 12 so dial up users will have an easier time viewing. If you have dificulty viewing, refer to the Webmaster's Note.

Top Searches: The google search bar allows me to view the top inquiries. Bernice is in the lead with almost 30%, with Ron, Bosco, and Kenix following. I received a couple of Raymond Nude and alot of Bernice in bikinis searches. I dont why they expected to find those here. I'll update the top searches if you guys are interested.

Viet Releases: Its on top now for display so please help me update it as soon as possible on shoutbox if you are step ahead of me.

The Sub Sites: The voting booth was updated. The download section is updated with a lovely duet with Chilam Cheung and Gigi Leung - Love is Among Us and one of the Metro Award's hit karaoke song Ella Koon - What? What?. I update, but sometime forgetful to post a bulletin so please check randomly. TVB Generation Magazine is put up now for your browsing needs.

Hope You like the new TVB Generation!

Comments on "Welcome To TVB Generation's Grand Opening!"


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