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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Special: TVB Generation 2004 Rollout Over 2005

Its almost a new year so take time to rollout the 2005 year in comparison to 2004. This will be a multiple event, so dont miss it. Lets begin with the first part:

The Breakout of 2004 / 2005: Like a pimple on face, these artiste poped out of nowhere and bacame instantaneous hit. The The greatest breakout from each year.

The Unkwown Pretty Face With The TVB Hunk That Captured Fan's Heart:

2004 brought the rise of Li Qian when paired opposite Raymond Lam. This couple sparked a massive, massive popularity boost for both artsites. Li Qian isnt even a TVB artiste but fan listings and sites slowly began to pop up everywhere. To this day almost everyone who is a TVB fan knows the name Li Qian. Just two years ago crtitics in TOB forums doubted that Raymond would have good chemistry with her and Leila should have been the better choice. This theory was quickly proven wrong. What was once a mainland actress with no publicity and promotion is now constantly making it in headlines of the news and media.

2005 brought the rise of Ella Koon opposite Ron Ng. This onscreen couple and rumour off-screen gained tremendous popularity. Ron was already popular as it is so Ella benefited the most because she never appear in any television production. The only way you would know her is if you saw her in movies like "My Sweetie" or you knew her as model. Now, her name is mention in the news so many times that its just un-believable that so much can of just one serial. She is now going to launch a singer career along side acting. What was then an unkwown face is now one of the biggest thing in HK entertainment.

THE BIGGEST Breakout of 2004 / 2005

2004 brought the rise and I mean the RISE of Sheren Tang. Her role as Yu Fei made her explode in popularity. During this time which could have only been describe as a reign terror, because leading fa dans were overshadowed were completely overshadowed by her. She top the Next Magazine TV artiste list which were also taken by legendary stars like Chow Yan Fat and Tony Leung. This was a long way from where she was before because almost nobody knew who she was. He greatest acting role before WAB was in Country Spirit, but was sadly overpowered by Charmaine, so she got her revenge. Nobody expected her to do so well since she was thrown into a pool of leading actresses like Maggie, Gigi, & Charmaine while being labled a supporting. During filming she was considered only as a second class supporting actress along with Jade Leung but she prove all the haters wrong. The only thing was she was known for before WAB was being a past flame of Kevin Cheng, but now she is known by her WAB name Yu Fei.

2005 brought the rise of Angela Tong, and more Angela Tong, and even more Angela Tong. Just to put it simply in perspective Angela Tong was what we call a character actor, maybe borderline supporting. Now she is borderline leading. Life Made Simple was suppose to be Roger and Jessica's limelight ilumination sequel but Angela completely stole Jessica's thunder. Roger alongside Angela gained alot of popularity, but that was about it. Angela overshadowed Jessica, Leila, Bosco, and almost every on LMS. She has her own show now and has appearance on almost every other show that is airing. Angela was also thrown into a pool of senoir actresses in the 2005 TVB Best Supporting Actress Award category but somehow manage to come out on top. When TVB fans look back on 2005 they will most likely think of Angela Tong first.

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